Friday, April 17, 2009


Hey guys!

I have some really random stuff that has happened in my day today. First i was waiting to get on the bus and there is a tree next to the bus stop. So there I was waiting and this guy comes with a saw and i am thinking okay what is your problem? But then he starts cutting parts off of the tree and I am thinking okay I am out of this wacko place so i walk down the block and see a police man looking through a car (literally searching) and then when he finds a wallet he leaves and closes the car door and I am really,really,really confused. Aren't police good people? Anyways if you are wondering what i am doing right now here goes.

listening to: Paramore That's What You Get
feeling : like I want to be free like the world is closing up on me with school, homework, friends, and other stuff i feel like i have no more time for fun
wanting: my own secret hiding place where i can go whenever i need to relax
doing: typing on my blog
waiting for: my prince ☺
wishing for: a longer vacation
upset at: one of my family members

well that is what i am doing and my day see ya!!!