Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I really need

A Day off....

School has been pretty good so far. Grades have been good too. My mother's expectation is A's and B's but i have managed to get away with a C in my worst subject which is spanish by the way. My teachers are wierd and keep a class on thier toes and I love that about them (: and best of all i ate rice pudding today. So i my life in a way has been pretty average up until about a month ago when i met gabby. Shes a good friend to me now and i guess we are pretty wild together but thats good in a way right? Well moving on...

Lately i have been watching videos of britanni taylor. I really do like her youtube videos. Speaking of videos, is there any way i can quickly upload videos to blogger without using a youtube link? If there is please please let me know. It would really help.


~Natalie and yes i know this video is old but its one of my favorite

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its funny using the word normal is more special than saying your unique these days

My Saturday was filled with oreo cookies, half a meatball, and a plate full of spaghetti. I'm in the middle of The Lightning Theif. i know your thinking i only liek the book because of teh movie that came out but that is not true. One of my friends introduced me to teh book and i didnt have the money to buy it (and i had a bad experience with my library card being stolen so i couldnt check out teh book) so now one of my friends lent me thier book. It is pretty good. But the movie is nothing like the book (thats what my friends told me when they saw it). Lately I have been thinking how people over use the word unique. It's now more unique to be normal. Everyone says that they are unique when in actuallity alot of people are just followers. I'd define someone who is unique is someone who is not all of the sudden into the latest trends, is known whether they are hated or not, and most of all has charcter that is someone truly unique. Don't get me wrong there are many people who do qualify as unique but i just don't like those who think their someone their not.

A random thought: A week ago our teacher asked us the theme (life lesson) behind Cinderella. A couple of people had said hard work pays off, or the good will always outstrip the bad. My responce: "Face Reality." Everyone laughed including our teacher. But what do you think the meaning of Cinderella is. And do you think i would classify as unique? I'm pretty sure that most of you out there do!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Guess I Never Knew?

Hi guys,

I'ts been a pretty good week (other than catching a stomach virus) but no worries i feel better now it was more like a 24 hour bug. So I have had a lot of time on my hands. I don't know when the thought occurred to me but lately I have been wanting to figure out my ancestors where I'm originally from, or at least who my great-grandfather is. Surprisingly I have never come to think of the small amount of my family i actually know about. Basically my uncle, mom, dad, siblings, grand mother and father (0n my mom's side), grand father and mother (from my dads side), and i faintly remember two men from my moms side who i don't even know who they were. My one friend has most of her family living with her in fact they all take up and entire section of town. Now I am definitely not asking for that but it would be nice to know my family. So i have been on trying to figure it out. The bad part is that i really don't have any money to pay for it and my mom doesn't want to so i have to have a free account which really doesn't help considering you can't search anyone but its a start. I might do that 14 day free trial then after that not use it anymore (might as well get the most out of it) but ill decide that later on when i have more time to use up that fourteen day free trial. Oh and before i forget to mention it. I decided to have a private blog too. No offense to you guys i trust all my followers (like i said before) but all the other people who can see this blog whom i don't know I'm not so crazy about. I can't decide on a URL yet so ill have to hold it off for a while but today i am going to help a friend start a blog. It makes me feel so wise when people come to me for help (with anything let alone a blog.) A random fact i learned off the internet that is actually true: If you have a gmail account (which you have to have in order to start a blog) the government can read through all you emails no matter how private they may be. So if i were you i wouldn't use gmail to often. If you are like me i don't think you will enjoy the government in your private life i'd get a different service. Well until later!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And The Week Goes On.....

Hello fellow bloggers,
After various comments (which were basically all from natalie ;) I decided that i should probably just keep two blogs I mean. I do love to blog to you guys. But moving on....

I've been looking at different blogs over the past few weeks and I've realized how many cool people go on this site every day. I mean other than the people who follow my blog. I guess you can call it blog surfing. People have so much to say. I really do enjoy what people have to say. Some of my friends can be so subjective when it comes to blogging but i feel oped to hear peoples points of views even if i don't agree with them. Oh and if you are wondering how I am blogging to you when i should be in school. I'm part of teh morning anouncements so that explains it. Until next time my darlings :P.