Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello There By Stander

To Whom it may concern:

You decided you were bored, came on to this page, and well look it seems to be blank. Do you give up on life? Not at all silly, you click on this link below :D.

You have fun with that (:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shh make this moment last....

Hello fellow blogger buddies. Lately I, along with the rest of most of America's teenage population, have been addicted to tumblr. By addicted I mean I have created an account to see exactly what the big of a deal tumblr is. Actually it is much more fun when you are actually on there then when you are not. However in events unable to post I guess I will count this as my update, for now.
Have you ever noticed how whenever you think you did well on a test you end up failing and when you think you failed you did well? I don't know how, but recently I had the easiest test on Spanish which to me was an Easy A well turns out I got a D because i accidentally read the directions wrong on a section. So much for my straight A dreams........
So lately I have been looking up how to make those starburst bracelets ever since one of my friends in school asked me how to make them. I actually came up to a youtube page filled with different crafts to make on your own and came across this

I did not even know they sold colored duck tape. But anywho thank you if you watched the video and have a happy Saturday!

~A very crafty Natalie

Friday, October 8, 2010

When You Really Don't Have Much To Say

Happy October! It is officially 23 days until Halloween, which this year I am actually excited about considering that this year I actually knew what I was going to be about three months in advance. Though I guess I it does not really look like it did three months ago. I basically went from a really cool costume (for a rip off price of 45.00) and now I have a 6 dollar costume which may not be the best but I guess it doesn't matter since I am only wearing it for about a grand total of 4 hours.

I guess I really haven't been doing too much the past week mostly internet. By the way if you want some fun with Mona Lisa click this link!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back To School...Not So Cool

So usually when I don't post for quite a while it means that i really haven't been doing anything worth posting about, however, this time it actually is because i have been really busy the past 2-3 weeks. I guess the first thing that i should start off with is the winner of the next food-network star. Aarti Sequeira or as you foodies might know her as Aarti Party. I was actually wasn't at all surprised thats she won because out of all the contestants she was the most consistent. But anyways congratulations Aarti and i am really excited to see the next season of the food-network star.

Congrats Aarti

Aside from the fact that Aarti won there has been other things going on. I have actually started pet-sitting which is really fun. I mean I guess it can be nerve-racking to walk into some strangers home and be like umm ill need your keys and sort of awkward if you don't know the person, but luckily i did it for a good friend of mine who happens to have a lot of pets. In fact she has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 kittens. It doesn't sound like a lot, but when your the one cleaning up their poop it actually is. I've made sixty dollars in all, had a great time with the animals, and the money wasn't that bad either. So i'd be happy to pet sit again whenever they need me to.
As I'm going back to school pretty soon i still have to finish all my summer work (of course i just pushed it all till the end) so i guess you could say my last days of summer were not very enjoyable when you basically spend 3 hours a day doing homework. Which in the summer time is not very nice, but at least i know I'll have it finished by the beginning of school next week.
I really haven't seen a lot of my friends since June except for one and I can't wait to go back to school. I promise i will definitely start commenting on your posts really soon. As i have to keep up with the blogger world too. I hope you guys had a great summer, even better than i did (well a little :) and I can't wait to read your posts!

A very happy,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No One Is As Lucky As Us......

Though it may be Tuesday today was a good day way to kick off the week. Pool, fried food, and some good music. My dad took us to the pool today which, course was lots of fun. Though it wasn't exactly easy to get there. At first when we got there at ten o clock they told us that the pool doesn't open until twelve o clock so we left went to a park McDonalds then came back to swim. (Okay so it wasn't exactly hard) We stayed at the pool until around eight then went to Burger Kind (i think i gained five pounds between McDonalds and this :) then headed off home.
Another good thing about today is I reunited with an old band, paramore. How do you reunite with a band? Well when you sister breaks you iPod wire and your iPod battery dies you are forced to listen to the (most of this music is trash to me so those who like mainstream please do not be offended) trash on the radio then discovering all the songs you love on youtube you have reunited with your favorite bands! So i decided to show you the song i reunited with today!

As for now im gonna hit the hay!


Friday, August 6, 2010

I Learn how To Work A Fax Machine

So i decided to help my mother at work. So far i sent out some faxes helped make coffee, and well went on the internet. I'ts not that my mother's office is boring, though its more of that she's in the bathroom and i have an opportunity. So i might as well take it, right?

Yesterday wasn't that bad either. I went to the park with my friend Gabby and we got soaked from the sprinklers which was much fun. Then after words I went over to her house and we played around with the make-up for our halloween costumes and watched her brother play the wii (we didn't feel like playing ourselves and they lost thier remotes) pretty soon it was time for her to go off to her basketball practice so i went home. With a fun day though. The only bad thing is for lunch i had hotdogs and i ended up having them again for dinner. Though i did discover i love relish.


Busted. Okays so my mom came back and wondered what I was doing on her computer and i found out that all her we browsing goes on file, so, of course, she got mad I went on blogger. Though i just don't understand how her visits to are any different. To all those who happen to actually don't mind reading this blog your probably don't recall how i said i started a random fact book. (well you remember now) It has not been going very well infact i haven't wrote any since then so far I am on random fact #4

#4 When i went to work with my mother i stole a sticky pad. :(

I haven't been posting much i realize, even less than during school, which is never good, but fear not good people of the bloggerworld i have not been posting for a reason. Nothing has been going on in my life. A farewell to the life of blogging (momentarily)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

These Are The Days When I Think, "Where Did Summer Go?"

Okay so my best friends birthday, awesome. We had a pretty cool time. I mean it wasn't anything wild, actually there was only three of us but i still had fun. First we went to Five Guys which is some burger place that i had no idea existed, but it was really good. They gave soo many fries though. I mean the bag was halfway full and there was a whole cup just filled of them. It's just a good thing that they were good. Along with all this fatty-foods they also had free peanuts there. In fact there was a box in the corner and you used a scooper and got your own peanuts out of the box. After that we still kept eating, which i was surprised i didn't explode, we went to a fondue restaurant for dessert. They gave us what looked like a huge bowl of chocolate to dip our things in. But we figured out that you payed like twenty bucks and got like no chocolate. The seats in the restaurant were so low, that you thought you had a full pot of chocolate when in actuality they barely filled the pot. (which was good in my case considering i was about to explode of food). I was so full after that party that i didn't eat dinner that night or breakfast the next day. Oh and after 3 hours at the mall i ended up getting her an owl necklace, owl bracelets, and a best-friend necklace for her.

look at all these fries! Though i wish this photo was mine but as you know my camera is broken.

The big bad box of peanuts.

But aside from her birthday. I did happen to do some other things during the course of my week. I don't know if i mentioned this (though i probably didn't considering my sister is not my favorite person per-say), but my best friend and my sister both have the same birthday. Well not the year, but the same day.
So we (and by we i mean my mom and my two sisters) went to the pool to swim and what-not then afterwards we went home and ordered Chinese, then on Friday we went for a drive and ate at Mc Donalds. My sister ate a quarter pounder, a double cheeseburger, half a Mc chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, and had soda, along with fries. My other sister had a Mc chicken sandwich, half another Mc chicken sandwich, a bite of a quarter pounder, fries, some chicken nuggets, and two apple pies. I was surprised that the next day they ate breakfast. On that day we were going to see toy story three, but my mother insisted the price was too high, so we left and ended up going to the mall. I don't think that my mom didn't have the money as much as that she didn't want to pay 15 dollars a person. Now that is outrageous. At the mall all I wanted to do was go to the pet store because when i have no money and know i can't get anything i don't really want to go into a store and think, "Man i wish i had the money." Though when i go into the pet store i really already know i'm not going to walk out of there with a dog. My mom bought a shirt and some CD but she left her bag there so that was too bad.
Then on Sunday we did go see Toy Story 3 (at 10 dollars per person, it was okay considering i saw it another time before, but i mean its not that the plot is bad or anything, but i mean they put all this dumb stuff for little kids and well I'm not a little kid. Overall it was a pretty good week.

Until next time,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I have had a pretty good week. I'm starting a summer school class except it is for children who actually want to be there. It's been cool i figured out we are supposed to write newspaper articles which are supposed to be "published" (by this they mean printed out and given to you) but still, thats pretty cool. While me and my mother were driving on the highway this UPS guys gave me the rock on sign. I didn't know why so i just gave him a thumbs up back. Turns out i was wearing my famous KISS t-shirt.
In other words in just a few days it will be that time of the year again. My best-friends birthday! I just always have seemed to love birthday. Actually, I am more excited for her and its not even my birthday. I love that girl. I mean we haven't been friends for that long but friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side :P so she's pretty cool like that.
Honestly I haven't posting that often because there just isn't much to post about other than the following which just happened this week. By the way, I know that it's a little far off but my friends and I already have our Halloween costumes. I'm thinking of getting them off this website costume craze.
My costume. (I want to be Medusa)

But of course my mother doesn't want to pay for it so i have to earn the money myself. S0 one of my friends suggested going to the park to ask mothers/fathers if they would like us to watch their kids. I mean it sounds really kiddish but you wouldn't believe how well we have actually been doing. I just really hope i earn enough money. Well that is all for today until next time.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer 2010 Here I Come..

PHOTOGRAPHY-1.jpg Photography. image by BrookeCamble
Well at least my summer had a good kick-off. Last week has been basically one of the best i have had all summer (even though summer break has only been for two days).

I went over to my friend Gabriellas home to see her new kitty named Wilow. She is so cute (: she's a little baby kitten. While i was there i happened to see one of those labeler buddies so i decided to use it. The first one was absolutely horrible and i almost broke the labeler but the second one turned out okay.

Cute Kitty (well the closest picture i could find)
My school had a Peer Leadership Lunch-In for our last day together (well for that school year anyways) there was so much food that we had about 10 full pizza pies left along with a sheet cake, a box of cookies, 3 platters of brownies, 2 platters of cookies, and so much more i just can't remember. It was a lot of fun and i was so full I didn't eat dinner that night or breakfast the next day.

I went to my friend's house to see the famous Alice in Wonderland. Her mom had set out a
bunch of snacks (my favorite would be the doritos) I've always loved those things. Afterwards
I was dropped off at another friends house (Gabriella's) and stayed there till around 8. I had
a really fun time and got to hangout with some really good friends. By the way, my mom says
that I'm the red Queen.

On a class field trip we went to go see Toy Story 3 which was not that bad, but not that good
either but anything to get out of that horrible, hot classroom. After that i went to my friend
Carolina's house and we hung out there. I wanted to play basketball but Carolina doesn't dare
touch a ball unless it is made out of gold. So you can just about guess that that didn't happen.

Last day of school we went on another class field trip bowling which was pretty good. My
friend Gabriella won of course (she's never lost a thing in her life. I always joke how one day i
will beat her at something) but it was still good. The bowling, over priced food, and some great
friends to share it with.

Well that was basically the make-up of my week. The summer is still young. Until next time
my blogger buddies.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Has It Really Been Five Weeks?

Three things that have gotten me pretty mixed up in the past week.
  • Hayley Williams twit pic of her forgetting to put a shirt on
  • Friend Troubles
  • Animal Rubber bands
So this week hasn't exactly been the best. Between friends these animal rubber bands and Hayley Williams twit pic. It hasn't been the best. I guess while i have you here i might as well entertain you right?
I guess i really don't have friend troubles but more troubles with myself. I'm trying to debate whether it really is worth having friends and drama or to be myself without the dramas. The one thing i hate about my town is that you never see someone new. Everyone around here is always the same. There is never real change. But i guess i am really just arguing with myself so that is probably just pointless.
When it comes to Hayley Williams i really don't know what to say. I had just found out and sure I am extremely disappointed but what can i do? It's not like i was with her telling her what to do. I guess I'll just have to get over that.
The shirt Hayley Williams should have been wearing designed by yours truly.

Nothing against the animal rubber bands but i think that they have seen their better days. Apparently now they come fruit scented and have shapes like hello kitty and what not but they are not exactly my favorite things per say. I just wish that every where i look i don't see an arm of colored rubber bands.

I wanted to thank you all for the comments you guys are posting. I know my blog is not the best out there and can be quit the downer (such as in this post) but your comments believe it or not really do help me to deal with just plain life. It lets me know that even though my "real friends" may not know whats going on. I still have my family on the here. Well i guess until later (which i promise will not be five weeks from now.)


Monday, April 26, 2010

When Your Life is Hectic Relaxing feels unnatural

I am especially happy today.......
This week i have not gotten that much homework considering testing is soon. I am ecstatic. Or so i thought. Having all this free time is not very fun to me. It is not that i don't ever want a break from school but I mean i like it when my brain is stimulated and the closest thing i have to that is computer games so i tried some out and came up with a few good ones. I ranked them on a list. The results are here. If you find yourself bored these games i found quite fun.
The List

I really do not like the fact that the names are underlined and a separate color but i guess there is not much you can do. I also found out that a song in the game worm is apparently a song from 1998 called doctor worm. I was definitely alive and living at the time so i wonder why i never had heard it. However i felt it was my duty to show you people to the song doctor worm. Enjoy.

As you can probably see that the 1990's was a time where cheesy was cool :p (as shown by the guy with the worm in his pocket). However the song is kind o interesting I never really heard anything like doctor worm. I guess this would be a good time to wrap things up. Until next time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, But Don't Say It Mean

A Couple of days ago I was talking in class (geez what a surprise) and having a basic public descusion and i had said, "All are welcome to state thier opinion," or something relatively close and the teacher over hears me and says, "Natalie Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean. I was pondering whether that was true these last couple of days and have reached a final decision. In life everyone is required to make some tough decisions and let many people down you can't always say everything nice though i guess my teacher was just trying to tell me something or trying to make me learn some lesson i still don't believe in that quote. However i don't feel like bringing that up to a teacher who usually has to have their way all the time. Another ironic thing that happened this week was how a teacher was proud of a girl in my grade who people usually just cut in front of her but my teacher saw her stand her spot a week ago tried to cut in front of me today. Of course she didn't because trying to cut in front of me is like trying to get every girl to be quiet at a Justin Bieber concert which obviously will not happen. Which i have no idea why. I just don't happen to think that Justin Bieber is all that good. I guess he just isn't my music type. My music type would be Avril Lavigne or this. One time a girl told me that if she would pick a song out for me it would be and i quote, "some paramore crap." Being that i truly do like paramore i was not very happy to hear that. It feels like i haven't posted in forever but my teachers not decide to give us all the homework that should have been done throughout the year so i am just about booked every night of the week with unnecessary studies that i need for tests (quite ironic isn't it) and homework. So I am apologizing to all those who i have not commented on posts yet. Though sometimes i don't comment on posts i do always read them. So if i haven't commented yet don't worry i have (or at least will now read) you wonderful stories or entertaining blog posts. Testing is just around the corner so wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Call Me Heartless..

Today I was introduced to American Idol's Adam Lambert. I never really listened to his music but today i decided to listen to some of the songs from his album. Let me just leave it as this. I am really glad i never liked his music. I really did not like the album. No offense to those people who LOVE his music out there.
Another thing that has happened today was we finished a movie we were watching in Spanish class. It was about a girl named Martha who had a father who was an "illegal alien" and did not tell the family. Martha of course figured it out and helped her father to become a citizen. It was a movie made for teenagers so of course there is a guy that she likes involved, they kiss, and they dance at her QuinceaƱera together. (it was a Spanish movie so instead of sweet sixteen it's sweet fifteen. It was one of those 1980's cheesy movie and actually was not that bad except for one thing. The ending was WAY to happy.
While most people would despise this choice of mine. I hate happy endings. At the end of the movie when Martha and Ramon( that is the guys she likes) dance at her QuinceaƱera it was by surprise so most of the people in my class had to witness me say out loud, "Someone has to die."
It is not because i just want someone to drop dead but simply because i really do not like when movie endings are happy. One happy ending i was okay with was Alice In Wonderland. The only complaint i would have is that dance that the Mad hatter just HAD-TO-DO at the end of the movie. I feel as if that was just to Americanize the movie. By Americanize I mean make a happy ending like all stereo-typical American movies.
Not saying that all American movies end like that but i guess i am just the type who faces reality. Though sometimes i wish i were a dreamer. Those type of people seem to make it through just about everything. Well i guess right now i am just pouring out excessive information that is really not needed. (This is basically my way of saying i do not like to bore you by rambling so i will end this blog here for now)


P.S I never mentioned that i have a Polyvore before so i guess now is a good time as any. Here are some sets i made. Tell me what you think:

For The Love Of A Butterfly
this is called For the Love of a Butterfly.

A City Of Dreams

This is Called A City of Dreams.

Vintage Love
And this is called Vintage Love.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A While Farther

I have been worked to the bone,

It has been a long week filled with homework, studying, and friends :P then i came on here to see someone (though i actually do know who it is) comment on my blog telling me to be myself. I don't really understand what i did cause i do post on what i believe in and what i feel is important to me. But i am sorry if i affended anonymous in anyway. This week has been pretty good. Though my friends are really into shopping and what not so while they keep looking at justice, gap, aeropostle, and all that i sit there bored. To be honest i am not into name brands. Why do people pay extra money to just look like everyone else? I rather just buy a plain tee or pants and i turn it into my own. But maybe thats just me? If you can only see them right now talking about a thousand dollar skirt they saw in a magazine. I guess im just not the "shopping type." I am a sucker for home made stuff and just about anything acoustic even if its terrible:P

Until next time my friends.


Monday, March 8, 2010

I guess its not really shocking any more

Okay so I have been on facebook twitter and all that stuff lately and i keep seeing these links where people (i'm guessing guys) put up websites and put nicked pictures of thier girlfriends on there. Is it just me or has this been going on for ages? It makes it seem as if no one stays together these days. The internet is just another way to show it.

But moving on...

Not really much going on this week. I took a trip to the park and walked around but nothing really worth talking about. For class we had to come up with something we would add to the constitution and i am thinking of adding an amendment that says that all families currently under the 2010 poverty rate should be eligible to receive free healthcare. One of my friends gave me the idea and it was a pretty good starter. I thought i would go with it. Our days are now shorter here on planet earth. 1.26 milliseconds shorter to be exact. We were discussing it in class and it is supposively rumored that if the earth's plates in that spot where the earthquake happened move apart our days should be back to normal but for now i guess i will have to sit here and accept the fact that my days are getting shorter (with that and the fact we will all have to reset our clocks for the spring, which by the way, i am not a big fan of. It actually does feel like we are losing precious time. I really do try my best to treasure my moments here on earth. I always wonder what heaven will be like (sorry for the religiousness to people who don't really have a specific religion) i always wondered how it would look. It's an interesting thought. But i guess i'm just rambling now. Until later!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I really need

A Day off....

School has been pretty good so far. Grades have been good too. My mother's expectation is A's and B's but i have managed to get away with a C in my worst subject which is spanish by the way. My teachers are wierd and keep a class on thier toes and I love that about them (: and best of all i ate rice pudding today. So i my life in a way has been pretty average up until about a month ago when i met gabby. Shes a good friend to me now and i guess we are pretty wild together but thats good in a way right? Well moving on...

Lately i have been watching videos of britanni taylor. I really do like her youtube videos. Speaking of videos, is there any way i can quickly upload videos to blogger without using a youtube link? If there is please please let me know. It would really help.


~Natalie and yes i know this video is old but its one of my favorite

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its funny using the word normal is more special than saying your unique these days

My Saturday was filled with oreo cookies, half a meatball, and a plate full of spaghetti. I'm in the middle of The Lightning Theif. i know your thinking i only liek the book because of teh movie that came out but that is not true. One of my friends introduced me to teh book and i didnt have the money to buy it (and i had a bad experience with my library card being stolen so i couldnt check out teh book) so now one of my friends lent me thier book. It is pretty good. But the movie is nothing like the book (thats what my friends told me when they saw it). Lately I have been thinking how people over use the word unique. It's now more unique to be normal. Everyone says that they are unique when in actuallity alot of people are just followers. I'd define someone who is unique is someone who is not all of the sudden into the latest trends, is known whether they are hated or not, and most of all has charcter that is someone truly unique. Don't get me wrong there are many people who do qualify as unique but i just don't like those who think their someone their not.

A random thought: A week ago our teacher asked us the theme (life lesson) behind Cinderella. A couple of people had said hard work pays off, or the good will always outstrip the bad. My responce: "Face Reality." Everyone laughed including our teacher. But what do you think the meaning of Cinderella is. And do you think i would classify as unique? I'm pretty sure that most of you out there do!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Guess I Never Knew?

Hi guys,

I'ts been a pretty good week (other than catching a stomach virus) but no worries i feel better now it was more like a 24 hour bug. So I have had a lot of time on my hands. I don't know when the thought occurred to me but lately I have been wanting to figure out my ancestors where I'm originally from, or at least who my great-grandfather is. Surprisingly I have never come to think of the small amount of my family i actually know about. Basically my uncle, mom, dad, siblings, grand mother and father (0n my mom's side), grand father and mother (from my dads side), and i faintly remember two men from my moms side who i don't even know who they were. My one friend has most of her family living with her in fact they all take up and entire section of town. Now I am definitely not asking for that but it would be nice to know my family. So i have been on trying to figure it out. The bad part is that i really don't have any money to pay for it and my mom doesn't want to so i have to have a free account which really doesn't help considering you can't search anyone but its a start. I might do that 14 day free trial then after that not use it anymore (might as well get the most out of it) but ill decide that later on when i have more time to use up that fourteen day free trial. Oh and before i forget to mention it. I decided to have a private blog too. No offense to you guys i trust all my followers (like i said before) but all the other people who can see this blog whom i don't know I'm not so crazy about. I can't decide on a URL yet so ill have to hold it off for a while but today i am going to help a friend start a blog. It makes me feel so wise when people come to me for help (with anything let alone a blog.) A random fact i learned off the internet that is actually true: If you have a gmail account (which you have to have in order to start a blog) the government can read through all you emails no matter how private they may be. So if i were you i wouldn't use gmail to often. If you are like me i don't think you will enjoy the government in your private life i'd get a different service. Well until later!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And The Week Goes On.....

Hello fellow bloggers,
After various comments (which were basically all from natalie ;) I decided that i should probably just keep two blogs I mean. I do love to blog to you guys. But moving on....

I've been looking at different blogs over the past few weeks and I've realized how many cool people go on this site every day. I mean other than the people who follow my blog. I guess you can call it blog surfing. People have so much to say. I really do enjoy what people have to say. Some of my friends can be so subjective when it comes to blogging but i feel oped to hear peoples points of views even if i don't agree with them. Oh and if you are wondering how I am blogging to you when i should be in school. I'm part of teh morning anouncements so that explains it. Until next time my darlings :P.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

An End To A Blog?

Lately I've been thinking that i don't really need a blog. I mean an open to all blog. Me and my friends are starting to make private blogs that only we can read. But i don't know. I mean it's not that posting out in the open is boring just dangerous not that i don't trust my followers just the people i don't know reading my page. But if this really is my last post I might as well make it interesting:

So within the last weeks it has been hectic. One word. Mid-terms. Late nights frantic sutdying have basically been the story of my life. Plus play practice of course. But other than that nothing. Until this saturday me and my friends went bowling. For my first time i did pretty darn good :P. I got a 59, 74, and 30 something. Not bad if you ask me. I hope i did good on my midterms. But now that i finally come out being a hermit for about a week im going to see what others were doing. See you guys later (and maybe ill have one private blog and one public. If you have any ideas let me know!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its 2010 Where Is My Hover Board?

Sorry about the rushed technology post. It basically comes down to we had five free minutes. Anyways sorry but i deleted my last post it basically was boring to me so i didn't think it would be too interesting to you either. Lately nothing has been going on. Other than the play. I can't say the name though. Sorry Natalie but its supposed to be a school surprise. I'll tell you later though ;) This weekend I have been having what most would call an "oldies fest" (well i guess thats what i would call it?) But anyways lately i have been listening to the "hits" off 2002 to 2006. Gwen Stefani sweet escape, Avril Lavigne (well lots of songs from her), Photograph by nickel back, I hope you dance Lee An womack (i think thats her name), and the ever popular a thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton. You know the rest I assume. The music today is just sell sell sell and i don't really like many songs today. Any songs you know that are actually good? Anyways i guess i should explain my absence as it may concern you. Well basically schoolwork an tests. (hmm what else is new?). Oh by the way did i ever tell you i LOVE guinea pigs. I know what you thinking why guinea pigs? I just don't know. But anyways yesterday my mom went out and got me a stuffed hamster (she thinks i like hamsters) but i still appreaciate it.
look how cute it is (:

Thanks mom! Do you know the song that goes? "Makin my way down town walkin fast...." well for those of you that don't its called a thousand miles by Vannesa Carlton. The music video is i thought i put it down below..... (o and pertaining to the title it feels like its been years since i heard these songs. So much time has past. Also in those 1930s cartoons we are having hoverscooters. :)

Vannesa Carlton A Thousand Miles-Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Been A While

Hi guys.

I'm in technology now and i have just but ten free minutes so i decieded to post on here. Nothing much going on lately so how could i have posted? This year we are having a school play and I orginally wanted to work backstage but (against my will of course) they wanted to put me on stage. So of course i had to say yes. Other than that not much. Yesterday as I was listening to Avril Lavigne's song innocence I thought up of a quote:

Embrace the innocence you have today it comes and goes than fades away.

Tell me what you think. I better go now I think the bells gonna ring. More later

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Would I Lie To You?

Welcome to the new year everyone! I tend to almost never have a new years resoloution but this year I actually want to have one. What is it? Come Clean. First with my blog. Not what your thinking though all these posts are totally real. But the name i sign them with isn't. Thats right my real name isn't Hayley. But before you judge hear me out. I just always like the name Hayley and i thought it would be a good blog name. But in real life my name is Natalie. To all of you who will judge you can. But i just thought that you all should know. Anyways continuing on...................
I know it's been a while since i posted. You think that this winter break would cause me to post more but i've become quit lazy and haven't. So sorry about that. So what have i been doing? Well Chritsmas and New years have helped me have plans but other than that just the usual sitting at home and watching t.v.
Christmas day. Most children wake up early bing anixoues and excited. I woke up early because of a nightmare. At about 7:30 when no ones curiousitly can longer be held we head to the living room for the unwrapping of presents. I got a razor scooter and some unnecessary but cute things including lip gloss from smackers, some hair bands, a stuffed animal ( a dog to be exact), and a toy that is supposed to be for three-year-olds. I'm still grateful though i mean some children get nothing. We basically stayed home all day and i was on the internet just playing games. I think i have become quite the homebody cause my mom has even mentioned it to me.
Then inbetween that i took my scooter out for a ride ( i don't care how much snow was outside! (: So i took my scootere na went to the park and just sat there next to a tree and thought. How things changed between then and before. Then i peddled along as if nothing happened.
New Years was fun i guess. I was still stuck at home and didn't have much to do but at least i was with my family right? Then when i was making my mom a sandwhich i tripped and fell. Usually i am used to falling because it happens alot. But I cried. My family thought i had some serious head injury cause i am one t say, "ow," them move on, but it wasn't the fall that hurt it was just me. After i did cry i felt better though. I don't even know what it was all about.
Oh and over this period of time i wrote a song. I listed the lyrics below. So tell me what you think.

Verse 1

I used to love someone like you

I used to think they loved me too

I used to hide all of my fears

And I used to hold back all my tears

Does the thought ever occur to you

there's nothing i wouldn't do

just so i could be with you

But would you ever?


Cry with me when i was sad

Would you laugh with me i know that your mad

but you see

it's the little things that you do

that always bring me back to you.

Verse 2

All of my friends think its wise

that we both say our good-byes

and now i wonder if our love was a show

with these things you never know

but it. just felt so real inside

i took this end by surprise

and i remember all of the times, when you.........


cried with me when i was sad

when you laughed with me

i know that your mad

but you see its the little things that you do

that always seem to bring me back to you


I should know better inside than to come back here

I should make you realize my dear..........

that im the one who


cried with you when you were sad

who laughed with you

I know that your mad

but you see

it's the little things that you do

that used to bring me back to you.

I used the verse "used to bring me back to you" as showing that this person doesn't have an effect on me anymore. I just hope these lyrics aren't too corney. (: I also wish you all a happy new year! (even though it may be late). And i had one more new years resoulution. It was to blog when i feel like it. I used to blog every friday because thats when i would have the most free time but now when I have something to say i'll blog it. Even if it gets annoying. Well I guess i'll be seeing you guys later!