Friday, December 18, 2009

Sick. Sad. Yet, Happy.


I'm listening to catch me by Demi Lovato. Which is kind of strange. I don't think i mentioned this on my blog but people most likely will know, I LOVE avril lavigne music. That's why i always put her on my blog ipod. I love her songs. And i mean since i discovered Avril Lavigne i sort of pushed demi to the side. But thats besides the point.
Today i woke up with a fever of 100 degress so i guess that elinamates school. And we were supposed to have a party today! (of course, btw switched the song to avril lavigne fall to pieces) Not really much that went on this week. Other than the mean girls i have to deal with. But thats normal. I hate people with huge egos. In order to be a friend of mine that can not be the case infact when i first meet a person i look for the following requirements:

My Friend Requirements

*Someone who is far from perfect
*Someone i can laugh with
*Someone who isnt a fair weathered friend
*Someone i can cry with
*Someone i can trust

Makes me seem snobby but i don't care. I am who i am. Oh by the way on youtube found this awesome video and i just have to post it (she sounds like selena gomez in the beginning:

I love this video props to the creater of this video. This week was okay i guess. Like i said not much excitement. But, i am feeling sort of depressed. I mean when i really look at all my friends. I can't trust anyone. Most of them aren't as mature as i am. My mom says that since i have more life experience that i mature faster than im supposed to (mentally). But i do have one person who i feel i can tell anything to, but it seems now as if they want nothing to do with little old me. My one real friend is someone who moved away from school and i talk to on skype. I love talking to her it makes me have the feeling of a real friend. Oh did i ever mention the school play! Yeah there is a school play going on and i tried out cause i wanted to be backstage (yes i know. But the teacher said we had to try out even to be back stage) and they wanted to cast me! I wish i went to school today and saw if they did or not.

With wondering thoughts.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Christmas break is soon coming to save me. For most people they hate to sit home alone. But (most of the time) for me i like to relax. Not that i have a lot of friends i go out with but, i'm always doing something like studying. This Friday we went on a field trip. We went to a museum to learn about the Holocaust. I hated the tour guide. Most boring person in the world. Example, "Hello today we will have a wonderful time learning about the Holocaust. O look at this piece of art what was the artist emotion?" Really boring. But after the field trip there was a burger king near by so we went there. Thats when the fun started. No pics though. ): they weren't allowed in the museum and i was too busy talking to take any at burger king. O well but we had fun. I sat next to one of my friends and we listened to our ipods during the bus ride. I'm remaking my iPod now and some of the songs i was listening to then will be on there. Tell me what your think! Not much this week just the boring rambles of my life. But lately i have been into photography.

Some Photos Taken by yours truly:

Candle Pics:

Sunrise Pics:

Not that good yes i know but its all i can do when i have to stay in eventually ill do better at it. Oh and by the way do any of your friends use this symbol? -:). Just saying i invented that and i said it in an earlier post. My friends started to use it just goes to show how quickly fads catch on. But yes i invented it. Don't let people tell you other wise

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Friday Post

This week was nothing speacil, yet nothing too boring. I was reading off natalies blog and i really do love it. Its a great feeling when you come up to a blog with pictures. It feels so inviting. Which i guess is ironic since i (am not allowed and) don't post any pictures. I feel kind of nervous about the swine flu. I mean it find it sort of dumb i mean how can some diesease spread from a pig to a human? But there are possible ways. My school is offereing free shots but i'm not too sure about that. I mean there has been many deaths from it and this cheerleader who got it can walk straight anymore. This would be a good addition to my book of random facts about me.

Random Fact #1: I'm afraid of the swine flu

Okay i guess i should explain. Well a couple of days ago reading Anne Frank I got to thinking that maybe i should start a diary. But that never seems to work out at all. I have a busy week and by the time i finish posting on my blog i really don't feel like writing it all down in a book again. So i started a Random Fact Book. When ever i have ten seconds i write down a random fact about my self. But some times i end up using that book to doodle during class so i guess it can be counted as a self expression book. But its sort of nice having some way to express myself and not be judged. Don't we all have things we want to say that we want noone to know? Or is it just me? It just makes me feels so free. Another random fact just popped into my head.

Random Fact#2: I think that most people who have a club penguin membership thnk their all that.

I know what your thinking. Wow she is WAY to old for a club penguin but my little sister has one and i have the job to monitor her online activity but other than that i hate it. All the penguins are really snobby and stuck up. There are probably fourth graders on there. Haven't matured yet.(makes me feel wise). Which speaking of I am not being very smart when it comes to this girl in my class. Shes the common stuck up snob and what not and gets me really mad but being me (as what one of my friends call a bowl of fruit) i can't be mean to her. (no matter how much i want to).

Random Fact #3: I hate people who are fake.

Surprisinlgy i've only been typing for five minutes so i think i said quite a mouthful. Until next time......