Saturday, August 15, 2009



Okay so sorry i haven't posted in a while. Though i mean if there is nothing to talk about what am i supposed to say? :) Anyways i can't wait till tommorow! Vacation! Yay! I give you guys the details when i come back. Or if i can find a computer at the hotel we are staying at. My mom is trying to find her digital camera so maybe i can take some pics or a video anyways. gtg!

(sorry that the post is so short :) got to go pack)


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday i saw the preimere of ifight shelby marx and i dont know i didn't really think it was that good. It was way too much back in forth. Shelby likes carly then she doesn't then she does then she doesn't then she does. Really back and forth and i don't know i thought it would be better? Anyone agree?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday was really fun i went (with my sister and her friend) to this place and it was totally awesome! They had air hockey, a basketball court, fooz- ball, and pool!(the one without water) lol. I had lots of fun and beat my sister (and her friend) at air hockey! I know! My sister and her friend are actaually easy tobeat but when i went home i was SO tired. Anyways. Got to jet :)


I had the worst nightmare ever! I mean it was REALLY bad. Let me tell you what it was about. Okay so it started off with my mother telling us to leave the house. I've had this dream before so i knew what it was about. She told us to leave because she had a GREAT amount of debt. So "they" were coming. And by "they" i mean the bank were coming and they would throw us into and orphanage. So we had to run. My mom had reserved a million dollars for when the bank was going to come. So i asked her if she had any money and she cried so hard and said that she didn't have any. And i started crying but i had to leave so i took my little stuffed dog, the twenty dollars i had, and my ipod. And we ran out of the house. We caught a subway to the mall. Cause we figured there has to be SOME jobs available. And there was. I was a dishwasher (which is something i hate to do), my sister was one to. We worked at burger king. My brother was a ketchup squirter person. And i can't remember my other sibling's jobs. But it was horrible. I missed my mom and i remembered her last words to me and it just made me feel worse. And that is when i woke up. So i'll just say that in the end my mother paid off her debt and we went back to her.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


What do you do when you don't know a person? What do you do with a person who has different sides? What do you do when you want to know them but they don't open up? What do you do when you know you should hate them, yet you don't? What do you do when they've done you wrong? Questions buzz in my head. What did i ever do? Where did i go right? What did i do wrong?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Whew!! Cleaned my room, wrote a song, took 20 bags of garbage, put a new ipod(on my blog with new songs by demi lovato), went to church, re- did my WHOLE entire blog, and still have a little time left to post. Omg August 1st was an awesome day! Beach fun! And i saw two of my friends! Ellis and Chase (in favorite order) :) jk. You guys know i love u both. Anyways moving on I woke up and my mom wanted my family to "bond" as she calls it, so she decided that we would if we all went to the beach together. At first i really did not want to go. But after a while she convinced me. (a.k.a told me either go or get grounded) so i decided to get dressed. Once i was dressed my mom made me go to get the laundry and while i was walking to where her car was parked i saw ellis and chase!! Ellis was rockin her vintage shades. :) So once i saw them i went upstairs and my mom told me that she needed ice. So i had to go to pathmark. Which i guess was a good walk. So i went and guess who i saw!! Ellis and chase again!! And we were all like shocked cause just saying to see two people at the exact same time and place twice in ond day was wierd. And the weird thing is that they were going to the beach just like me! And the same one. Except they were supposed to be like on the other side of the beach. :( So i guessed we wouldn't meet again.
Now the worst part of the day? THE RIDE THERE. My mom decided to listen to "her music" and it was TORTURE!! and then she also decided she should tell us the history of every single song we listened to. So it felt like a five hour ride!
Anyways once we got there i decided to fly my kite! It was really fun! Well that is for like five minutes. Cause after that my brother misbehaved and my mom tried to get him out of the ocean and she dropped her car keys! I was thinking OMG cause we DO NOT live close to the beach. But then this girl says, "Oh wait i feel something," and she pulls the car keys!! But i realize that that girl is Ellis! I'm was like,"OMG what r u doing here?! I thought u were gonna be on the other side of the beach!" and i was SO happy! So then we started to head home when my mother decided to take a way home that she never used before. Lets just say we got home at one in the moring. Anyways going to watch the next food network star!