Friday, November 27, 2009

You Call It Thanksgiving I call it Thursday

Hello fellow bloggers,

I just want to tell who ever is reading this post happy (the day after) thanksgiving! Though i have missed the true holiday i still have some spirit left in me.

11 Things I am Thankful for

1) the lord who helps me in life
2) my wonderful family who i can always count on.
3) Who i am and the fact that i never want to change for anyone
4) Electricity
5) for my good friends who (have to) except me for who i am
6)The roof over my head and the clothes on my back
7)my blogger friend(s)
8) the rain which calms me and soothes me to sleep on a spring day
9) the fact that i can go to school and have a good education
10) china who lent the U.S money for bailout
11) that i am alive

This years thanksgiving didn't exactly go to plan. Our oven broke and we were supposed to get it fixed. But that didn't happen so we basically stayed home all day. Except at night (around dinner) we went out to eat. My mom decided to try something new so we went to this restaurant (where i am not too sure where it is. I was reading the whole car ride. Which my friends can't do. Another thing to be thankful for.) It was a nice place it had this whole 80's retro vibe mixed with holiday spirit. The food was great too. The worst part was after we got the bill. 104 dollars! And only five people ate. Then after wards we headed for the bathroom. Horror. Lets leave it at this. The toilet paper was on the floor. (i used the extra that was there in the holder) Worst bathroom ever. But then today my mom decided to cook up a "thanksgiving meal". Which is usually what happens the day after thanks giving. It consisted of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.

But enough about thanksgiving. This week not that much happened but enough. I got over the other fight with my friend. My whole world is turned upside down. I should have just moved on, but i couldn't (i hate being nice) but now its even worse. I'm in a new friend fight with another girl. It seems as if she just uses me but i don't know what to say to her. I think ill just leave it for now cause she is a pretty faithful friend to me and it think this other girl is getting to me. We are still learning about the holocaust and are still reading the diary of Anne Frank. It's more of an independent read we were just told to read every night. Thats what i tend to do. It's a pretty good book and the Hitler nightmares haven't come yet. O and just asking. But tell me what you think of the songs on my iPod. (don't worry just tell me the truth).


Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hint Of Life Makes Everything Exciting


Hello fellow readers,

Since a couple of days ago we have been reading "The Diary Of Anne Frank". The book is really cool but our teacher makes us watch these movies about the holocost that go along with it aren't so ideal. We saw this movie with this girl named Girtrude (i think thats her name). She was a holocost surviver and she told her story of living through it. It was really sad. Out of her whole entire family she was one of the only people to survive along with her brother. A trailer is below. It shows you who she was its only 39 seconds of this inspiring document on this amazing women. If you ever see the movie tell me your opinion. Its really good the only thing that i don't like is that they try to make the ending seem too happy (a solider finds her and some friends in a bicycle factory) and they fall in love and get married. But it was horrible she said that during the death march some people could break their toes off their foot like twigs. *shutters Also she was twenty one and weighed 68 pounds. Yes its possible. She was so ill. I feel so bad and i've learned to never let something like this ever happen again.


My week was pretty good. Its just that i do have a regret. You remember how i was having a fight with my friend? Well it got worse :(. O well but i just wish we didn't have to learn about the Holocaust i swear i am going to have nightmares about Hitler. I really do wish i had plans on a Friday. But now i kinda miss her. She reallly i guess didn't know what she was doing when she said what she did. And maybe i should have given her more of a chance. I really don't know what to do. Life can just be so hard sometimes. I have to go anyways.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Five Friends. One Mall. Complete Madness.


Today i had a birthday party and invited my besties :). I origanally wasn't going to have one but some girl in my class said she kept on hearing rumors about me having one so i got used to the idea. I invited my besties ashley, carolina, gabby, and kell. First to have pizza then a movie at the mall. We had lots of fun. And i of course did something stupid :). Not much to say about it. We went to see "This Is It" and i think i've seen enough of michael jackson to last me the rest of my life. I got some really cool presents. A jacket, $40 bucks in itunes gift cards, and $20 dollars (which i couldn't hold on to.) So just thanking my friends. I'm going to send out thank-you cards soon. (Wish i brought my camera)


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have about ten minutes to post so here i go...


Hectic week a birthday party, my birthday, and of course the dreaded school. Yes this week i had my birthday and this year my mom remembered. That was a fun day. I was supposed to have a party but it didn't exactly work out. Notice wasn't the best. And i didn't get to invite all my friends. So we cancelled. Instead we ditched the idea for a day at the mall. We saw a christmas carol. It was....intersting. Not the best movie i ever saw but it was good enough. But before we headed toward the food court. I had to split eleven bucks between my sister and I. I wanted to go to this really cool indian place. But of course, it was only my birthday, so burger king awaited us. Then my mother bought us some cookies and herself a coffe. Eventhough i tried to tell her no food in the theater she just had to hear it from the employe there. So we did the logical thing. Made my mom chug her coffee and sneak the cookies in her purse. It would have been more fun if my sister didn't ask a question every two minutes. But pretty much good birthday. After words we went to a pet store that we happened to see. Then i really wanted a hamster. Even though i knew i wouldn't get one :). Afterwards we headed toward the bookstore i saw a couple of great books but of course being broke couldn't buy them. Then after that we went to buy me a pair of sneakers. I'm getting them in three to five days. A total step up from last years present (a hug)

Well looks like my time is up.