Saturday, October 31, 2009

Macy's Rejects


It's Hayley haven't been on in a while cause ive been pretty busy this week and yesterday didnt really work out. But im here now. Anyways today was the always famous holloween. And i went trick or treating with my friends. Some may say that we are too old but thier just judgemental :). I went as a clown and one of my friends went as an elf. First time i think that has ever happened but we had fun. We walked all over town and i only filled up one bag. But considering half of the people weren't home i guess we did well. But before that i went to help serve dinner at the senior citizens place. (yes i forgot the name (: o well) i actually had a lot of fun. I served them food, had fun with friends ♥, and we got to dance. It actually seemed as if us volunteers had more fun that the seniors but thats okay. O and this week my class went on a field trip to some mine. Our tour guide was pretty boring but we went in a neon room and it was totally fun. Here are some pics:

Yeah it doesnt really look like we went to a mine but this is just the museum. The mine is below:

Our teachers all love this field trip. But personally my favorite part was the bus ride there and back. But we did do some fun things there. I saw rocks that glowed in the dark ;D. But the mannequins were really creepy they wanted to show the different jobs that a worker would do. But to me i think they were just Macy's rejects. Free is good right? But at least my friendship troubles are over (for now) i'm just wondering when this person is going to start talking about me. I know that they would. Just because i told them the truth. But like i say, "The truth is like a cut, but to lie is like a scar," yeah its lame but i made it on the spot. Hope things get better. At least before they get worse.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey peoples,

Really confused right now between a friend. I bet they don't even know its them but i decided to post it.

once again who do you think you are telling me who my friends are and are not yeah thats right you don't control me anymore because if i don't care what you decide to say then you can't don't you get it! how hard is it for you to! just understand that i don't like you! you just give me trouble and make me sad. What kind of monster are you! You have no idea who i am! And even if you tried to get to know me then you still wouldn't! Someone half across the world knows me better than you! Seriously. But whatever if you want to live a lie that is your choice. But just understand you over exaggerate everything. Your life is 100% boring you have drama in your life because you choose to make drama. Learn to keep your mouth shut. Get it? But what is the point of me even talking cause you will just do whatever you want instead. I am just here to tell you suggestions. So what is even the point of us being friends? So you could complicate my world even more? So you can stand here as it crashes down? Goes in flames? Somewhere that will never be replaced? but then again i guess its my fault. From the moment i met you. From the moment i said hello.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Never Beilieved Things Until I Saw Them, But Know I Have No Choice

About less than four weeks into the school year and ive already got detention. But i feel as if it was meant to be. I mean I got it for being late but when you are late you have to sit out and this girl named Michelle was sitting out too. I didn't really know her that well and i thought she was the stuck-up type. But we talked and i found out shes REALLY cool. Sorry I EVER Doubted you Michelle! But we are going to start a school club real soon enforcing the rules of the school. Basically because we found loop holes. :) I can't believe how nice she is. Even though i got detention i think i had a great day.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everythings gonna be okay.

Totally better version than that pointless miley cyrus song. I mean seriously yeah we get it you are in Hollywood you have like 20 songs about how famous you are!! But i really like this version (the video below is curtosy of claires blog who most likely got it off youtube from BrittaniLouiseTaylor. Anyways here is it:

really good video totally love it. Pass it on.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marley And Me One Of The Saddest Movie's Ever.

Hey guys here at a birthday party! The Birthday girl is opening her gifts. Happy Birthday Cell! Ha ha not really her birthday but close enough. :) anyways having fun, kicking back with my bffs :). Very happy now. Not really much to explain is there? This week was fun. I went to a football game and surprisingly we won. Only game we are winning this season. Then of course i had some lame writing assignment but at least i go to choose the topic. I chose the topic of who are you? which i probably think i failed but at leas i got my point across. Can't believed i actually survived the last five hours without listening to my ipod. Consideringall i had to listen to is thetwilight sound track :'(. But i have to go now one because i hear friends screaming around me and two cause its time for face painting (don't ask)

See ya!