Friday, December 18, 2009

Sick. Sad. Yet, Happy.


I'm listening to catch me by Demi Lovato. Which is kind of strange. I don't think i mentioned this on my blog but people most likely will know, I LOVE avril lavigne music. That's why i always put her on my blog ipod. I love her songs. And i mean since i discovered Avril Lavigne i sort of pushed demi to the side. But thats besides the point.
Today i woke up with a fever of 100 degress so i guess that elinamates school. And we were supposed to have a party today! (of course, btw switched the song to avril lavigne fall to pieces) Not really much that went on this week. Other than the mean girls i have to deal with. But thats normal. I hate people with huge egos. In order to be a friend of mine that can not be the case infact when i first meet a person i look for the following requirements:

My Friend Requirements

*Someone who is far from perfect
*Someone i can laugh with
*Someone who isnt a fair weathered friend
*Someone i can cry with
*Someone i can trust

Makes me seem snobby but i don't care. I am who i am. Oh by the way on youtube found this awesome video and i just have to post it (she sounds like selena gomez in the beginning:

I love this video props to the creater of this video. This week was okay i guess. Like i said not much excitement. But, i am feeling sort of depressed. I mean when i really look at all my friends. I can't trust anyone. Most of them aren't as mature as i am. My mom says that since i have more life experience that i mature faster than im supposed to (mentally). But i do have one person who i feel i can tell anything to, but it seems now as if they want nothing to do with little old me. My one real friend is someone who moved away from school and i talk to on skype. I love talking to her it makes me have the feeling of a real friend. Oh did i ever mention the school play! Yeah there is a school play going on and i tried out cause i wanted to be backstage (yes i know. But the teacher said we had to try out even to be back stage) and they wanted to cast me! I wish i went to school today and saw if they did or not.

With wondering thoughts.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Christmas break is soon coming to save me. For most people they hate to sit home alone. But (most of the time) for me i like to relax. Not that i have a lot of friends i go out with but, i'm always doing something like studying. This Friday we went on a field trip. We went to a museum to learn about the Holocaust. I hated the tour guide. Most boring person in the world. Example, "Hello today we will have a wonderful time learning about the Holocaust. O look at this piece of art what was the artist emotion?" Really boring. But after the field trip there was a burger king near by so we went there. Thats when the fun started. No pics though. ): they weren't allowed in the museum and i was too busy talking to take any at burger king. O well but we had fun. I sat next to one of my friends and we listened to our ipods during the bus ride. I'm remaking my iPod now and some of the songs i was listening to then will be on there. Tell me what your think! Not much this week just the boring rambles of my life. But lately i have been into photography.

Some Photos Taken by yours truly:

Candle Pics:

Sunrise Pics:

Not that good yes i know but its all i can do when i have to stay in eventually ill do better at it. Oh and by the way do any of your friends use this symbol? -:). Just saying i invented that and i said it in an earlier post. My friends started to use it just goes to show how quickly fads catch on. But yes i invented it. Don't let people tell you other wise

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Friday Post

This week was nothing speacil, yet nothing too boring. I was reading off natalies blog and i really do love it. Its a great feeling when you come up to a blog with pictures. It feels so inviting. Which i guess is ironic since i (am not allowed and) don't post any pictures. I feel kind of nervous about the swine flu. I mean it find it sort of dumb i mean how can some diesease spread from a pig to a human? But there are possible ways. My school is offereing free shots but i'm not too sure about that. I mean there has been many deaths from it and this cheerleader who got it can walk straight anymore. This would be a good addition to my book of random facts about me.

Random Fact #1: I'm afraid of the swine flu

Okay i guess i should explain. Well a couple of days ago reading Anne Frank I got to thinking that maybe i should start a diary. But that never seems to work out at all. I have a busy week and by the time i finish posting on my blog i really don't feel like writing it all down in a book again. So i started a Random Fact Book. When ever i have ten seconds i write down a random fact about my self. But some times i end up using that book to doodle during class so i guess it can be counted as a self expression book. But its sort of nice having some way to express myself and not be judged. Don't we all have things we want to say that we want noone to know? Or is it just me? It just makes me feels so free. Another random fact just popped into my head.

Random Fact#2: I think that most people who have a club penguin membership thnk their all that.

I know what your thinking. Wow she is WAY to old for a club penguin but my little sister has one and i have the job to monitor her online activity but other than that i hate it. All the penguins are really snobby and stuck up. There are probably fourth graders on there. Haven't matured yet.(makes me feel wise). Which speaking of I am not being very smart when it comes to this girl in my class. Shes the common stuck up snob and what not and gets me really mad but being me (as what one of my friends call a bowl of fruit) i can't be mean to her. (no matter how much i want to).

Random Fact #3: I hate people who are fake.

Surprisinlgy i've only been typing for five minutes so i think i said quite a mouthful. Until next time......


Friday, November 27, 2009

You Call It Thanksgiving I call it Thursday

Hello fellow bloggers,

I just want to tell who ever is reading this post happy (the day after) thanksgiving! Though i have missed the true holiday i still have some spirit left in me.

11 Things I am Thankful for

1) the lord who helps me in life
2) my wonderful family who i can always count on.
3) Who i am and the fact that i never want to change for anyone
4) Electricity
5) for my good friends who (have to) except me for who i am
6)The roof over my head and the clothes on my back
7)my blogger friend(s)
8) the rain which calms me and soothes me to sleep on a spring day
9) the fact that i can go to school and have a good education
10) china who lent the U.S money for bailout
11) that i am alive

This years thanksgiving didn't exactly go to plan. Our oven broke and we were supposed to get it fixed. But that didn't happen so we basically stayed home all day. Except at night (around dinner) we went out to eat. My mom decided to try something new so we went to this restaurant (where i am not too sure where it is. I was reading the whole car ride. Which my friends can't do. Another thing to be thankful for.) It was a nice place it had this whole 80's retro vibe mixed with holiday spirit. The food was great too. The worst part was after we got the bill. 104 dollars! And only five people ate. Then after wards we headed for the bathroom. Horror. Lets leave it at this. The toilet paper was on the floor. (i used the extra that was there in the holder) Worst bathroom ever. But then today my mom decided to cook up a "thanksgiving meal". Which is usually what happens the day after thanks giving. It consisted of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.

But enough about thanksgiving. This week not that much happened but enough. I got over the other fight with my friend. My whole world is turned upside down. I should have just moved on, but i couldn't (i hate being nice) but now its even worse. I'm in a new friend fight with another girl. It seems as if she just uses me but i don't know what to say to her. I think ill just leave it for now cause she is a pretty faithful friend to me and it think this other girl is getting to me. We are still learning about the holocaust and are still reading the diary of Anne Frank. It's more of an independent read we were just told to read every night. Thats what i tend to do. It's a pretty good book and the Hitler nightmares haven't come yet. O and just asking. But tell me what you think of the songs on my iPod. (don't worry just tell me the truth).


Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hint Of Life Makes Everything Exciting


Hello fellow readers,

Since a couple of days ago we have been reading "The Diary Of Anne Frank". The book is really cool but our teacher makes us watch these movies about the holocost that go along with it aren't so ideal. We saw this movie with this girl named Girtrude (i think thats her name). She was a holocost surviver and she told her story of living through it. It was really sad. Out of her whole entire family she was one of the only people to survive along with her brother. A trailer is below. It shows you who she was its only 39 seconds of this inspiring document on this amazing women. If you ever see the movie tell me your opinion. Its really good the only thing that i don't like is that they try to make the ending seem too happy (a solider finds her and some friends in a bicycle factory) and they fall in love and get married. But it was horrible she said that during the death march some people could break their toes off their foot like twigs. *shutters Also she was twenty one and weighed 68 pounds. Yes its possible. She was so ill. I feel so bad and i've learned to never let something like this ever happen again.


My week was pretty good. Its just that i do have a regret. You remember how i was having a fight with my friend? Well it got worse :(. O well but i just wish we didn't have to learn about the Holocaust i swear i am going to have nightmares about Hitler. I really do wish i had plans on a Friday. But now i kinda miss her. She reallly i guess didn't know what she was doing when she said what she did. And maybe i should have given her more of a chance. I really don't know what to do. Life can just be so hard sometimes. I have to go anyways.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Five Friends. One Mall. Complete Madness.


Today i had a birthday party and invited my besties :). I origanally wasn't going to have one but some girl in my class said she kept on hearing rumors about me having one so i got used to the idea. I invited my besties ashley, carolina, gabby, and kell. First to have pizza then a movie at the mall. We had lots of fun. And i of course did something stupid :). Not much to say about it. We went to see "This Is It" and i think i've seen enough of michael jackson to last me the rest of my life. I got some really cool presents. A jacket, $40 bucks in itunes gift cards, and $20 dollars (which i couldn't hold on to.) So just thanking my friends. I'm going to send out thank-you cards soon. (Wish i brought my camera)


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have about ten minutes to post so here i go...


Hectic week a birthday party, my birthday, and of course the dreaded school. Yes this week i had my birthday and this year my mom remembered. That was a fun day. I was supposed to have a party but it didn't exactly work out. Notice wasn't the best. And i didn't get to invite all my friends. So we cancelled. Instead we ditched the idea for a day at the mall. We saw a christmas carol. It was....intersting. Not the best movie i ever saw but it was good enough. But before we headed toward the food court. I had to split eleven bucks between my sister and I. I wanted to go to this really cool indian place. But of course, it was only my birthday, so burger king awaited us. Then my mother bought us some cookies and herself a coffe. Eventhough i tried to tell her no food in the theater she just had to hear it from the employe there. So we did the logical thing. Made my mom chug her coffee and sneak the cookies in her purse. It would have been more fun if my sister didn't ask a question every two minutes. But pretty much good birthday. After words we went to a pet store that we happened to see. Then i really wanted a hamster. Even though i knew i wouldn't get one :). Afterwards we headed toward the bookstore i saw a couple of great books but of course being broke couldn't buy them. Then after that we went to buy me a pair of sneakers. I'm getting them in three to five days. A total step up from last years present (a hug)

Well looks like my time is up.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Macy's Rejects


It's Hayley haven't been on in a while cause ive been pretty busy this week and yesterday didnt really work out. But im here now. Anyways today was the always famous holloween. And i went trick or treating with my friends. Some may say that we are too old but thier just judgemental :). I went as a clown and one of my friends went as an elf. First time i think that has ever happened but we had fun. We walked all over town and i only filled up one bag. But considering half of the people weren't home i guess we did well. But before that i went to help serve dinner at the senior citizens place. (yes i forgot the name (: o well) i actually had a lot of fun. I served them food, had fun with friends ♥, and we got to dance. It actually seemed as if us volunteers had more fun that the seniors but thats okay. O and this week my class went on a field trip to some mine. Our tour guide was pretty boring but we went in a neon room and it was totally fun. Here are some pics:

Yeah it doesnt really look like we went to a mine but this is just the museum. The mine is below:

Our teachers all love this field trip. But personally my favorite part was the bus ride there and back. But we did do some fun things there. I saw rocks that glowed in the dark ;D. But the mannequins were really creepy they wanted to show the different jobs that a worker would do. But to me i think they were just Macy's rejects. Free is good right? But at least my friendship troubles are over (for now) i'm just wondering when this person is going to start talking about me. I know that they would. Just because i told them the truth. But like i say, "The truth is like a cut, but to lie is like a scar," yeah its lame but i made it on the spot. Hope things get better. At least before they get worse.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey peoples,

Really confused right now between a friend. I bet they don't even know its them but i decided to post it.

once again who do you think you are telling me who my friends are and are not yeah thats right you don't control me anymore because if i don't care what you decide to say then you can't don't you get it! how hard is it for you to! just understand that i don't like you! you just give me trouble and make me sad. What kind of monster are you! You have no idea who i am! And even if you tried to get to know me then you still wouldn't! Someone half across the world knows me better than you! Seriously. But whatever if you want to live a lie that is your choice. But just understand you over exaggerate everything. Your life is 100% boring you have drama in your life because you choose to make drama. Learn to keep your mouth shut. Get it? But what is the point of me even talking cause you will just do whatever you want instead. I am just here to tell you suggestions. So what is even the point of us being friends? So you could complicate my world even more? So you can stand here as it crashes down? Goes in flames? Somewhere that will never be replaced? but then again i guess its my fault. From the moment i met you. From the moment i said hello.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Never Beilieved Things Until I Saw Them, But Know I Have No Choice

About less than four weeks into the school year and ive already got detention. But i feel as if it was meant to be. I mean I got it for being late but when you are late you have to sit out and this girl named Michelle was sitting out too. I didn't really know her that well and i thought she was the stuck-up type. But we talked and i found out shes REALLY cool. Sorry I EVER Doubted you Michelle! But we are going to start a school club real soon enforcing the rules of the school. Basically because we found loop holes. :) I can't believe how nice she is. Even though i got detention i think i had a great day.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everythings gonna be okay.

Totally better version than that pointless miley cyrus song. I mean seriously yeah we get it you are in Hollywood you have like 20 songs about how famous you are!! But i really like this version (the video below is curtosy of claires blog who most likely got it off youtube from BrittaniLouiseTaylor. Anyways here is it:

really good video totally love it. Pass it on.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marley And Me One Of The Saddest Movie's Ever.

Hey guys here at a birthday party! The Birthday girl is opening her gifts. Happy Birthday Cell! Ha ha not really her birthday but close enough. :) anyways having fun, kicking back with my bffs :). Very happy now. Not really much to explain is there? This week was fun. I went to a football game and surprisingly we won. Only game we are winning this season. Then of course i had some lame writing assignment but at least i go to choose the topic. I chose the topic of who are you? which i probably think i failed but at leas i got my point across. Can't believed i actually survived the last five hours without listening to my ipod. Consideringall i had to listen to is thetwilight sound track :'(. But i have to go now one because i hear friends screaming around me and two cause its time for face painting (don't ask)

See ya!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technique Cues What a boring title :(

Hi guys,

Yeah i know i just posted like a day ago but today i am staying at home and well i thought i might as well post cause i have the time. Moving on yesterday was the dreaded school. Yippee. Well like i've mentioned about twenty times now i do physical therapy and i am not supposed to be running a lot. So my mom wrote in a note. But of course that didn't help cause i was obviously "lying" yeah sure that is why my legs feel so bad today. But moving on i was forced to take gym which wasn't too bad. But then i was off to social studies which i HATE. Especially the teacher its like all teachers have this handbook on how to make their subjects hated. Like my math teach teaches math by getting their math problems from the lowest levels of hell. As you can see i DO NOT feel good. But then after social studies i went to other classes and then basic tech which is basically taking money from the school to hire unnecessary teachers off the street. But somehow i am okay with an easy A ;). But today i woke up and my legs hurt really badly and even though i begged my mom to go to school (because i cant be absent more than 6 times) she still said i had to stay home. So i better wake up and feel better tomorrow. (or at least pretend to ;)

From yours truly,
~Hayley -:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

On a Sunday like Today

Hi guys!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while but i've been busy. Did i forget to mention that now i am getting physical therapy just be cause i stand with my feet open. Yeah it stinks but o well its like the spa so i think i'm good ;). The only bad thing is that it hurts my feet within the next three days which really stinks. Man i must sound like a complete and utter loser but somehow thats just fine with me;). Anyways yesterday was really fun i helped out at a carwash. Totally cool. We had a fundraiser for school so it was fun to help out even if i don't go to that school. At first i ran around with my bff and we took donations from cars. Like those people on the highway. Ha Ha we must have looked like maniacs cause we would run down the street to get the cars there. But considering most cars drove away and took the red light we actually got alot of donations. Then i had fun with the hose i got to spray cars (which of course was awesome). I remember spraying this one car with this little girl and she was laguing and smiling and it reminded me of the days when i used to walk on the beaches and play in the sand. Before this recession we are in. Before i knew what it meant to be truly sad. Before all this confusion came. From this one little girl. Its funny what different people think of when they see someone. You could show the same picture to a million people and they could all think differently. Sometimes life can be so complex. But anyways after the fundraiser i went over my bf's house and we had fun up until the point that she wasn't feeling well so i had to go home but i had fun got really wet, and got some volunteer hours in (good for college). What could be a more perfect day. Well maybe if i didn't feel so bad today :).

~hayley :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009



just when you think you know someone

they change

just when you get each other

they move away

just as you finally smile

they cry

just as you open up

they close

what is trust?

some force i used to know 

something that used to mean something to me

that was important

but now everything has changed

i feel lost

alone all by myself the world is crashing before me

feelings are mixed up

they made up such a big part of me

something that cant be replaced

i opened up to them

let them in my world

and then as my world is finally stable 

they deceive me 

and they take that part away from me

and now i don't know them

now things have changed

my world closes up into nothing 


i never should have even thought for a second

that we could ever be friends 

because with joy comes sorrow

Beyonce should have won?

As we all know by now (or at least should have) Kanye West said this to poor Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Now first of all who is kanye west to judge taylor swift when he cant even write a good song! >:O makes me mad. But o well the rest of the show was pretty good other than the performances (way too out there) especially lady gaga "bleeding" at the end of her performance. Reminded me of the horror movie i never saw. :) but i guess it was okay. But enough about things that everyone already knows. Moving on this week not much has been going on since the start of school. The only thing is that im feeling like im losing my bff ashely :(. So she made me write a poem. No it doesnt rhyme. Makes some sense and also has a quote that goes with it. (ill add this to my wall later) and mybe later on ill write a song about it but until then here it is:

What is life?

A question to be answered.

A journey to be taken.

A heart to be broken.

A life to be ended.

A world to be turned.

Friends to be changed.

People to be hurt.

What is death?


Yeah sounds kinda gothish but wrote by yours truly tell me what you think! :) But until them i have homework to go do.


Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Raining

Yes it is raining outside :( just on the day that i was thinking of going to the park! Ugh so annoying anyways moving on. I actually do like the rain :). But todya my sister said that she was going to pic up my sister so i had to wait near school but after ten minutes it was WAY too long. So i took a little walk around town :) ha ha but i was back in time. Well early so i stood near the sewer and i heard the noise of the water going in and it sounded amazing! Its actually surprsing what is amazing to me. But i stood there on the side walk with an umbrella in my hand, a tornado of thoughts in my head, and my schedule to all my classes. But it stopped raining now. I wish i could just go to the park but its obviously soaked in water. O well i guess ill go onto i just googled it. So i guess that i will ttygl! byez! :)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi guys!!

I just got back from the first day of school. Extremely interesting. But I felt like ours teachers were in there own world and i was looking on the ouside like an alien from a different planet. But i saw all my friends!! I had lots of fun :) I mean a WHOLE two months without friends! WOW! ha ha. At least i will see them on saturday its one of my friends birthday! But she is SO hard to shop for i mean i have NO idea what to get her any suggestions? O well i guess ill come up with something. Man i hope i think of it today cause her birthday party is on saturday! Wish me luck and leave a comment! Tell me what to get a girl! Ha ha! Gtg pick out a present for her.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Purple Or Blue? Hard To Chose.

Ha Ha i am typing with wet nails ;) and most likely gonna have to do them again. But o well. Yeah i decided to post about yesterday. I had lots of fun doing everyday stuff but i was too busy to type everything i did so i decided to do that today. Anyways moving on. Yesterday i went to do the laundry with my mom. Yeah i know not exactly the most fun thing to do but i had fun. There was a vending machine there so i got my self a strawberry/kiwi Snapple and ate what i counted around 62 mini m&ms :). And there was a t.v there (ahh all the comforts of home) so i watched some shows i haven't seen in years like that so raven (haven't seen that in forever) and power rangers (which quite frankly i could do without seeing) but even thought it was something i do often it just seemed to be more fun. (I'm guessing it might have to do with the fact i had a snapple bottle in my hand). Yep i LOVE my snapple bottles. Even more than gatorade. Ha Ha.
After that we went to staples to get the reamaining of my school supplies and i think i did good. Remember the notebooks i told you i needed to get? Well turns out i only needed six and i got them. 120 pages each!! I just could not believe one subject notebooks came with that many pages. I also got a bookbag. I actually really like it! :) it is black and has gray stripes. And when you open it its orange :). I really like it. I think its the type that says (put buttons on me)
awesome buttons :)

like it? ;)

O and btw i decided to paint my nails blue :)

yours truly,


Friday, September 4, 2009


Wow this year im actually starting later than usual. Most people would think thats a good thing. And I understand why :). But i am really eager to go back cause i miss my friends :'(. Most of them are always busy and when i talk to them we talk for like ten minutes then its sorry gtg ttyl. And of course they dont talk to me until around a week later (or not) but i dont blame them i mean if i had to go somewhere and didnt have time i would do the same thing. Man school starts THIS wednesday and as usual my mom still hasn't bought all my school supplies yet (so typical of her). But i'm not complaining :). In my last post i mentioned having fun with my friend ashely. Ha Ha i laugh reading at that we had so much fun!! And i set a new record of going over someones house four days in a row! thats alot to me considering we dont live near each other. We had lots of fun at the mall and went to an arcade :) the classic. Ha Ha man i miss her :'(. Even though i just saw her yesterday. We have totally different schedules. The only class we have together? gym. o joy. But i guess its better than nothing (lets stay positive). But today i will be getting my backpack, and seven one subject notebooks. Lets hope that i get good ones cause it is SERIOUSLY way to late to expect good ones :).

sorry gtg ttyl (ha ha i sound just like my friends)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tommy used to work on the docks. Unions been on strike. He's down on his luck...its tough, so tough.......

Okay that was odd :).

Anyways moving on.

These last two days have been totally awesome! I've been with my bff ashely :). She is totally cool. We went to the mall on the first day and then on the second day i helped her with some cleaning. I know it sounds lame but actually it was ALOT of fun :). Really good times. Anyways gtg before my mom yells at me for being on the computer.

with love,


Saturday, August 15, 2009



Okay so sorry i haven't posted in a while. Though i mean if there is nothing to talk about what am i supposed to say? :) Anyways i can't wait till tommorow! Vacation! Yay! I give you guys the details when i come back. Or if i can find a computer at the hotel we are staying at. My mom is trying to find her digital camera so maybe i can take some pics or a video anyways. gtg!

(sorry that the post is so short :) got to go pack)


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday i saw the preimere of ifight shelby marx and i dont know i didn't really think it was that good. It was way too much back in forth. Shelby likes carly then she doesn't then she does then she doesn't then she does. Really back and forth and i don't know i thought it would be better? Anyone agree?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday was really fun i went (with my sister and her friend) to this place and it was totally awesome! They had air hockey, a basketball court, fooz- ball, and pool!(the one without water) lol. I had lots of fun and beat my sister (and her friend) at air hockey! I know! My sister and her friend are actaually easy tobeat but when i went home i was SO tired. Anyways. Got to jet :)


I had the worst nightmare ever! I mean it was REALLY bad. Let me tell you what it was about. Okay so it started off with my mother telling us to leave the house. I've had this dream before so i knew what it was about. She told us to leave because she had a GREAT amount of debt. So "they" were coming. And by "they" i mean the bank were coming and they would throw us into and orphanage. So we had to run. My mom had reserved a million dollars for when the bank was going to come. So i asked her if she had any money and she cried so hard and said that she didn't have any. And i started crying but i had to leave so i took my little stuffed dog, the twenty dollars i had, and my ipod. And we ran out of the house. We caught a subway to the mall. Cause we figured there has to be SOME jobs available. And there was. I was a dishwasher (which is something i hate to do), my sister was one to. We worked at burger king. My brother was a ketchup squirter person. And i can't remember my other sibling's jobs. But it was horrible. I missed my mom and i remembered her last words to me and it just made me feel worse. And that is when i woke up. So i'll just say that in the end my mother paid off her debt and we went back to her.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


What do you do when you don't know a person? What do you do with a person who has different sides? What do you do when you want to know them but they don't open up? What do you do when you know you should hate them, yet you don't? What do you do when they've done you wrong? Questions buzz in my head. What did i ever do? Where did i go right? What did i do wrong?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Whew!! Cleaned my room, wrote a song, took 20 bags of garbage, put a new ipod(on my blog with new songs by demi lovato), went to church, re- did my WHOLE entire blog, and still have a little time left to post. Omg August 1st was an awesome day! Beach fun! And i saw two of my friends! Ellis and Chase (in favorite order) :) jk. You guys know i love u both. Anyways moving on I woke up and my mom wanted my family to "bond" as she calls it, so she decided that we would if we all went to the beach together. At first i really did not want to go. But after a while she convinced me. (a.k.a told me either go or get grounded) so i decided to get dressed. Once i was dressed my mom made me go to get the laundry and while i was walking to where her car was parked i saw ellis and chase!! Ellis was rockin her vintage shades. :) So once i saw them i went upstairs and my mom told me that she needed ice. So i had to go to pathmark. Which i guess was a good walk. So i went and guess who i saw!! Ellis and chase again!! And we were all like shocked cause just saying to see two people at the exact same time and place twice in ond day was wierd. And the weird thing is that they were going to the beach just like me! And the same one. Except they were supposed to be like on the other side of the beach. :( So i guessed we wouldn't meet again.
Now the worst part of the day? THE RIDE THERE. My mom decided to listen to "her music" and it was TORTURE!! and then she also decided she should tell us the history of every single song we listened to. So it felt like a five hour ride!
Anyways once we got there i decided to fly my kite! It was really fun! Well that is for like five minutes. Cause after that my brother misbehaved and my mom tried to get him out of the ocean and she dropped her car keys! I was thinking OMG cause we DO NOT live close to the beach. But then this girl says, "Oh wait i feel something," and she pulls the car keys!! But i realize that that girl is Ellis! I'm was like,"OMG what r u doing here?! I thought u were gonna be on the other side of the beach!" and i was SO happy! So then we started to head home when my mother decided to take a way home that she never used before. Lets just say we got home at one in the moring. Anyways going to watch the next food network star!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello people reading this post!

I am so happy right now!! I mean EXTREMLY HAPPY!! First of all tommorow i am going to see my bff!! I am really glad about that! The second thing we are going to see a play which to me is VERY exciting considering i don't go to see them often! So that is great! Me and her are totally going to sit on the bus together! I can't wait i've never been sooooooo excited! I am soooo happy!! OMG!!!!!! The only bad thing is that my other bff is not coming cause she is going to a concert! Well at least i KNOW she will have fun! So best wishes! Anyways i can't wait though a bad thing is these girls from school are coming and they are not exactly friends with me infact i want to form an alliance against them but i hope i'll have fun! :D (an alliance i am such a dork. :[ lol)


Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi guys!

I am UPSET! You may be wondering why. This is because on my last post i told u about teh barbaque i was going to and was cancelled!! I was soooooo upset cause that was basically my highlight of the week! I was going to have so much fun with their dogs and show u guys pics of them! But my plans were ruined so on that day i stayed home! But i still managed to have.......a HORRIBLE time!! You see i was trying to tell my mom something and she would not listen so i told her i could not wait to leave the house and well she got mad and took everyone in my family (except me of course i had a fun time staying at home) to church then shopping and to finish of to a restaraunt and they had a bunch of fun while i stayed at home the only good part of my day was that i was able to make a song that day. So i guess it was worth it somehow. Anyways i can't wait till Saturday my sis is having a party and i am allowed to invite 2 of my bff's to come over! I am sooooooo happy cause i have not seen them (in what feels like) ages!! I think we are going to see a movie but that doesn't concern me. I just wish to have a fun time. Well gtg i hear a game of fancy pants adventure calling my name. But just in case u r looking for soem fun too below is a link!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey guys!!

Not much going on this lovely almost afternoon! Though after church i get to go to a barbaque!! I love them! The open grill the family and friends and of course the dogs :] We go to one of my mother's friends house and they have three dogs! 2 May be puppies but they are so cute!!! I luv them!! I will try to post pics!! Oh they r sooooooo cute their names are Choulo, Eli, and Baya! Sorry never was good at spanish! And never will be!! LOL well gtg get ready for some fun this afternoon!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hobos, spirits, michael jackson, play-doh, and a bracelet!! That's it no more sugar before bed!

Okay yesterday had to be the wierdest day of my life!! Well actually lets not blame the entirely boring day cause a pickle would have had more fun than me!! Well anyways moving on... the wierdness happened at night. I had the wierdest dream ever!! Okay so i start off by riding in my friends car (from what i remember) and my little sister won't come in the car. So i try to pick her up and a hobo tries to steal my cellphone! So i kind of hit him really hard and he lets go and i grab my cellphone but then he runs after me so i call out to my friends dad but for somereason he doesn't hear me. So i call out to who i think is my friends mom and she doesn't hear me! So the driver tells me, "He only hears you when he wants to." Then i say, "Yeah her parents are practically deaf. Then i realized i am talking to my friends mom! So i get embarrased. So i run out of the car and end up at home some how. When i get there i realize the hobo is still there except he is in the form of play-doh!! and i have to keep on playing with him and so i tell my sister the story of when the hobo chased me. So then i tell her that the hobo is actually in the play-doh. So i don't know how but my mom found out. And then i asked her if i should put it under a hairdryer so that it can dry out and she says no that the hobos spirit will remain with us! And that REALLY gets me freaked out so i take the play-doh an throw it out the window. and it just lands on the back of my roof so i take it and before i can throw it it is back in my house! So i throw the play-doh as HARD AS I CAN and it goes away. But the spirit follows me. So i start to apoligize and cry out to it. Saying i am sorry. And then i start seeing the spirit except it is not a hobo. It is a handsome youn man! So i don't know how but i end up sitting next to michael jackson and i feel terrified no not nervous i mean i am actually scared of him. So we talk and then i end up in my moms car. And i pick up my sister but this time there is no hobo there.


-:) unicorn! he he he he he (I've been making these smileys since secnond grade. All rights reserved)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay so yeah i have been posting like every day but i guess that is okay yesterday was an actual fun summer day! Finally! I mean no ididn't have my bf's there with me technaclley. Okay anyways here i go! Okay so i was sitting at home bored while they were renevating my house. Basically the bathroom and there were flies like everywhere! So i got so annoyed that i decided to leave the house and went for a walk at first it was just around the block but then i started to walk to one of my bf's house! Which was at least 2-3 miles away!! OMG it was sooooooooooooo much fun even though i was just walking! Well my bf's was on the phone with me so while i was walking i was telling her that i was walking to her house and i mean i was litterally like almost there! But then she told me she was going to barnes and noble i mean that was the oringinal goal to go to but that is at least another mile from her house!! (a.k.a like 10-12 blocks) so i kind of gave up. So i stopped and A&P and got water and a berry smothie (btw REALLY good!) then i started to walk home. I was just a fin day out but serioulsy when i got home i had walked six miles!!! OMG i was so tire and my feet hurt and were REALLY dirty!! Okay let me just say this. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! go on a six mile walk in cheap sandles!! Speaking of which i think i might have even walked over six miles but hey i got exersise and a berry smothie so i am NOT complaining! Anyways i had a great day! I mean i didn't go to the beach or pool but i still had fun anyways. But as i can see that this post is getting way to long. So until then...............

Peace out!
Have fun!
Rock On!
Keep Your Faith!
GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(P.S luv neon green!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had lots of fun yesterday.................well not really yesterday was july the fourth but it sure didn't feel like it see one of my friends invited me to a barbaque and my mom said no and then my mother said that all i do is say bad things about my family. So she made me feel really guilty and kept saying, "Go. Go have fun with your friends. I am just your mother and your friends matter more than me," then she kept going on about that and made me feel bad. So i stayed in my room for about four hours. But after that i went out to buy silly string and i bought a word search book. I like to do those and sudoku for fun. But at first i went to spray my siblings. Then i knocked on the door to where my mother was and she said, "Come in," and i got her! I sprayed her with silly string. I guess that could have been my reveng or what no but it was more for fun. She started to yell and i laughed so hard! After that we had a silly string fight. Then i watched T.V and then we saw the fire works!! They were amazing!! I loved the display SO much! Wow! man imagine for the people standing under the fireworks! But i think that was the PERFECT end to an interesting day for july the fourth! Usually we don't do anything anyways. Which i wish could REALLY change cause who wants to be stuck at home all day! I mean espiacally on July the fourth!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So what am i doing?! Going to bed good night GOD, good night stars, good nightcomputer, good night moon, good night mom, good night dad, good night grandma, good night grandpa, good night friends, good night brothers, good nightsisters, good night icecream man, good night icecream woman, good night internet, good night faith, good night sunlight, good night darkness, good night domo, good night sushi, good night basically all food, good night demi lovato, good night selena gomez, good night teachers, good night world, good night dreams, good night hopes, good night fears, good night pathmark, good night shoprite, and good night other things i missed, for in the next eight hours i will be in bed sleeping away all my thoughts of today, and wake up tommorow with new thoughts dreams, hopes, and fears, or the same but until then GOOD - NIGHT to one and all!


Hi guys,

Two days ago was pure FUN!! I went to lake (well actually to be truthful idk the name so lets call it lake C) yeah so i went to lakeC and i had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! Well not really in the lake though it started to rain. But what we did first is we went to lake C and we ate lunch but then it was about to rain so we went to my bf's house and then it cleared up so we went back to the lake. But then it rained again (i mean what can u expect) so we wen to ther house again. But then we drove back to where my bf has another house well actually my bf's real house and we crashed there! It was extremly fun! I really did love it! And while i was there i was STUFFED! I got sooooooooo sick then next day! I ate So Much!! But it was sooooo good! AT least i had some fun this week! Now if only i could get my mom to let me go the the game with my other friend around sometime next week! We had a fight but i am hoping to scratch out the bumps. But until then! Live Laugh Love Peace Rock n Roll Live Forever Love First Hate Second and all that good stuff!

~ Hayley

Monday, June 29, 2009


isn't Hollywood funny? When Farrah Facuet dies she is supposed to be what they talk about her on all the shows on the news and all. Then Michael Jackson dies and she is pushed to the later shows and becomes a million times less important according to what this little place deems. I think they vote this based on nut jobs but that is just my perspective. Right? Or do u feel something different. By the way for those of you who live in a sewer here are pictures of each of them and for Michael Jackson i will put two one before he bacame anut job and one of after and no it is not because i feel he is better than Farrah Facuet its just that well Farrah Facuet didn't change her whole entire face well anyways i guess it is just what I DEEM.

See full size image

Farrah Facuet

See full size image
Michael Jackson before and after

Well this sure is a funny little place and

R.I.P to them both and i will pray for thier families.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends, Horror Movies, and Chicken parm

Sleep over!! i had alot of fun with me and my bffs! We watched the messangers!! It was a really good movie! and i have to say Kristen Stewart did a pretty good job. She played a girl named Jessica and has a brother named ben. (who is the cutest baby i have ever seen!!) So anyways a couple of years ago something happened in thier house (da da daaaa) and of corse considering it was a horror movie it was not something good. But just so i do not ruin the ending all i will say is that it involves a boy and his mother. So anyways as usual a new family comes and the children see things and well in the end u find out the rest. So yeah sorry i have to go. I have to finish this really good book i am reading!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi guys i am just soooooooooooooo happy!! Why? Well because it is summer! Which means no school! (well at least for now) but hey let me try to stay positive! Anyways I am going to the park adn play basketball then after that i have to go home and make rice for a party of my friends (i know pretty strange but i luv rice! lol). So i better get started!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


somebody else round everyone else
watching ur back like you cant realax
trying to be cool
you look like a fool to me
tell me why you'd have to go and make things so complicated
i see the way ur
acting like ur somebody else gets me fustrated and life's like this...

man i LOVE THAT song!!!

anyways i luv this video and i think some parts are really funny anyways peace!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have a secret that i don't want my mother to know it happened today and well here i go:

Okay so my mom is usually really good with me except for today. It all started when i was hungry. I asked my mom if i could go to pathmark which we don't live too, too far away from and she said i could go but i was emailing a friend and well i finished at around 3:20 so i ask my mom what she wants me to buy then one of my sister puts my mom in a bad mood so then i start to ask my mom a question and she yells at me to get out of the house so i do and she told me to go to sub way which is also close to me but i don't..............
I walk about five blocks and try to go to McDonalds instead cause i was mad and i am walking till i realize my mom is calling i pick up and she apologizes and now i feel horrible. But then i realize this guy is FOLLOWING ME! so i freak out and run then he starts to run and then i walk and he walks then i enter white castle and lose him to proceed to mc donalds and i RUN. Man my friends r always talking about stalkers and now i know what that is and never want one again. Anwyways so i get to mcdonalds and it is PACKED so then i proceed to burger king and there i get a whopper with cheese, soda, fries, and mac and cheese. Then when the guy asked is it for here or to go? i say even though i know i am lying what if some of it is for here and some of it is to go? he says then aske for a bag and i am like okay.
While i was there i see a father and his two sons and his sons are trying to talk to their father and her says wait wait wait. and i am thinking, your kids are calling out to you! answer! but too late cuase i get my food and sit down and the first thing is c is a want to be girl with stuff pouring out her shirt!! what a crazy! but then i notice the father looks just like my uncle which makes me think of the lie i tell my mom and i feel horrible. so i eat then leave and walk around then decide to go to pathmark and guess who i see! the freak! but this time i walk right past him and he doesn't follow me so i am thinking that maybe he was going to the house right next to white castle! that made more sense so! so i start to buy the grocerries and then here avril lavgine when ur gone and start singing to it and i just think of this as my speacial day and what i did is done. so i walk home singing when your gone by avril lavigne with icream, milk, beef, tuna fish, and the recept.

Of course there is more to this story but that part is MY own little secret.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


OMG i had one heck of a day! Here i was just sitting in my apartment and then the sink starts flooding!!!!!! OMG i was sooooooooooo nervous!!!! but they r fixing it right now so no worries! anyways twitter is going pretty good for me i actually have more followers there than i do on my blog so yeah it is pretty good i have 12 followers and i had to block some of the people who wanted to follow so i would have had like twenty but i just attract the WRONG people! man u do not know how this feels!!!! man i got some pretty bad people want to follow my twiiter! but other than that i had a pretty good day! not much went on and if u want to check out my twitter it is:


thx to all those who check out my blog! Peace out!!! Rock and Roll for life! and all that good stuff!!


HI its me!! i know first i start posting way TOO much then i stop posting and now i am posting alot today well the reason is because i sore throat so i am just listening to music oh and yesterday i went over my bff's house yesterday her name is angelina! I love that girl she is super nice! Anyways so rgiht now i am listening to eye of the tiger! While my sisters are playing with this blow up beach ball (lame!!) lol actually it is really fun to play with i have to admit that! Yeah not really much going on other than yesterday. Oh the song just ended and now i am listening to taylor swift forever and always. Which reminds me that now Joe Jonas is writing a song about her!!! now he is just doing that for doing that!!!! NO OFFENSE TO ANY JOE JONAS FANS but, what an air head!!!! Is he serious anyways if you have a comment then write one. dont worry i take being told i am wrong very well. I mean i do have sisters!! Anyways, I have just finished this great book called what my mother doesn't know! it is a totally girly book but still pretty good and now i am reading a book called "Bad Girls Don't Die" and this is defienetly a good read!!! I am very surprised that it is a disney book. (now listening to thats what you get) Yeah cuz within the first few pages they like curs and isn't disney supposed to be all prim and proper? Well not anymore i guess you could say. Oh and sorry for the long post but don't worry i will try to wrap with in a few more sentences. oh and about the whole i will be a sage thing well i would if anyone would comment so anyone who is reading this please comment other than that well. Not much else so i guess i will stop bothering you with my life!


Oh wait before you go!!!!! i just remembered that school is almost out and i am soooooooooo bummed cause my sis is getting a job and now i am the family babysitter while i have a life to live i mean seriously!!!

okay bye


peace.jpg peace image by qettsevon

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi guys just got a twitter! its rocknroll4ev! i guess i am still just not myself i had alot of fun today with my bf and yet i come home to this dreaded house and my heart just drops i feel dead i guess you could say. but i am still living. oh an guess what!!!!!!!!!! schools almost out!!! i am sooooooo excited! oh and i am getting a digital camera so expect lots of pics. Oh and i also learned today that there is a HUGE difference betweenbeing alone and being lonely i mean i can be in a room full of people and still i feel alone so with this experience i decided that this website will be for help and teaching of my sageness ☺☺♥☻☻so enjoy and please comment! ithink that i will be sending an email to everyone about my blog!!!!! anyways enjoy your life! stay young at heart! and to rap this up! Remain true to yourself because you are FOREVER YOUNG!!!!!!!

luv peace and taco grease!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi and then it slips out DID I MENTION I LOVE YOU

Hi guys just me again not much going on. depressed, troubled, just the basic stuff of my life. Though i have been noticing i have a tendency to space out a lot and when i do after i am done i blurt stuff out but then again what can u do? Right now i wish that i was just somewhere else of i didn't exist. I feel like so many people are watching me, and every move i make just traps me more. I am also having trouble with someone i mean it is just like we grew apart idk things happen, people change. which inspired me

what happened to us?
we r just siting here
no one speaks
can you even hear me?
Whens the last time you spoke to me
has it been in weeks
i cant handle this anymore
i guess

things change
people move on................. and things change
where did i go wrong
i thought i had everything..................... i needed right here
but things change
people come along
and ruin everything
but i guess things just change

i seen her and you at the mall
the way you look at her
do you notice me at all
i guess this is for the better
but nothings worse then the fall
but i guess

things change
people move on ...................... and things change
where did i go wrong
i thought i had everything i needed right here
but............................... things change
people come along
and ruin everything
but i guess things just change

i never imagined it
i never expected this
the way
that day
when you say
try to explain

things change
people move on and things change
where did i go wrong
i thought i had everything i needed right here
but things change
people come along
and ruin everything
but i guess things just change

yeah sounds suckesh but it is better when you know how to sing it and you know the insrtruments in the backround.

Anyways gtg bye!

Friday, June 5, 2009


hi nothing much just here and posting just out of boredom so...................................................................nothing much anyways bye!

Monday, June 1, 2009


hey guys sorry i have not posted in a while i have had a life to live. Anyways my trip to Boston was AWESOME!!! My friend name claire brought her camera and we took lots of pics i tried to post from her Dsi but no wi fi availiable 4 me :'( oh well anyways it was really cool! We even got to have a pool party! (that was where one of my freinds flashed) lol anyways gtg stupid book report due fri!

but before i go here is the second chpater of my book and if u forgot the first chapter it is still here look (and yes i am aware of the chessy dedication but i will fix it soon this is like a rough copy):

Book dedication:


            this is to all people who have ever been scared or afraid. Trust me it seems horrible now but it can not stay forever. All problems come to an end.


Chapter 1


I stand there and watch her walk down the aisle. She is wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I see the smile on her face. This is her big day. I wish that I could feel the happiness to but quite frankly the only way I would smile today is if a bomb hit this wedding. Cruel, yes but the truth hurts. All I can focus is on the man who is not my father standing there. Probably thinking that by this marriage I will some how feel close to him. But I will not. I refuse to. I can smile and be polite but I will never call him dad. No matter what. No I am not one of those kids who thinks that somehow their father will come back and we will be a family again because I do not stretch the truth. I can face reality. Like the day I found out the man who is not my father and who will never be my father (lets call him the man) along with my mother told me about their dirty little secret. How they were getting married. I had no idea until that day the man had said to me, “We have a surprise.” I never liked the man but surprise with my mother means something that has to do with me like the “surprise” she told me about when the man was coming over our house in 15 minutes. Of course I had no say just like I never do but when I first met the man he seemed okay. Though I soon found out his dirty little secret a secret that he even keeps from my mother. The man is an alcoholic. He thinks I don’t know. But I am not that blind unlike my mother who believes in love at first sight. Which would explain why they only dated 3 months before marriage. And now I am standing here as the priest says his words to bring these two people in holy matrimony. I think of when the man had his talk with me.

            It was after school and I guess my mother told him to pick me up because she was too much of a coward to tell me about their secret until I got home. I remember the talk in the car.  

            “You know Hayley….” He began, “your mother and I love each other.”

            “Uh huh.” Honestly I could care less.

            “Well we have a surprise for you.” He said in a soft voice thinking I would not be able to hear him.

            “What does you love have to do with surprising me?”

            “Well…” he responded, “you will be surprised how much of a change our love can make.” Then he decided to just keep quiet. Which I guess was smart cause I can trick people into giving me the information I want. Then when we got home I saw my mom she was sitting on the couch and told me, “Hayley how about you sit down.”

            “ Okay.” I responded. Then they just flat out said it well my mom did.

            “Honey we are getting married.”

            “Of course.” I thought to myself. Then I thought what I said outloud, “So when is the wedding?”

            “It is in two weeks.” She responded. To be honest I thought it was in one week considering how my mother always told me things right when they are about to happen. So here I am watching my mom and this dirt bag whom I am supposed to call my dad. Making out as they are supposedly now married. Now most daughters would be happy that their mother is just married but it just truly disgusts me. So as everyone claps I stand there.




            After the wedding my mother and the man (dirtbag) go on their honey moon and let me just say that to imagine that my mother is having s** with this dirtbag makes me sick I am forced to stay with my grandmother who barely evens knows where her own bathroom is. Which is good for me cause last time my mom went away I had to stay with my aunt Halbit which lives by talking! She talks to me as if I am answering one of those dating questionnaires. Geez all that woman did was talk! But my grandma is the total opposite she likes to keep to herself and only asks for the things she really needs. I sit in the small guest room and listen to Paramore when it rains and think of my horrible future. What will happen to me? What is my mom doing right now?

            I starts to sing along.

            “And when it rains. On this side of town it touches…everything. Just say it again and mean it. We don’t miss a thing you made yourself a bed at the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole) and convinced yourself that it’s not the reason you don’t see the sun anymore. And could you do it? Oh I, I never saw it coming. Oh, Oh I need an ending. So why can’t you stay just long enough to explain?”

            “Uggh…” I said to myself, “ I try to look at the good things about this I get to miss two weeks of school cause my grandmother lives at least 500 miles from school. I have the house basically to my self. I do not have to see the man.”

            But apparently I can not find enough reasons to even be the slightest bit happy so I lie there listening to my paramore.




I wake up from a nap I do not even know I took to find my granmother looking at me saying, “Hayley are you okay I came in here to find you on the bed and I was calling you and you would not answer!”

            “Grandma I was asleep.” I say calmly even though I am annoyed I figured that I caused her enough trouble by suposively pretending to be unconscious.

            “Oh okay dear. But next time just let me know when you are going to go to sleep okay?”

            “Sure Grandma.” Just to prove my whole bathroom point the woman is lost. I walk downstairs to get a snack. When the phone rings.

            “Hello.” I say in the coldest tone. Even I was scared.

            “Hey honey.” I hear my mother saying.

            “Oh hi mom.” I say.

            “Well I jus wanted to call to see if everyone is okay.”

            “Well everything is super doper mom..” and before I begin to say anything else all I hear my mom say is, “Oh stop it curt.” Then I hear the man say, “Oh come on Mary lets start….” Then all I hear is the dial tone. Which to me is perfectly fine because I don’t want to even know what they were doing.

            “Geez thanks for calling mom.” I think to myself sarcastically. Then  grab an apple and start walking up stairs. When I get up there I realize that I have not unpacked so I unpack and then out of boredom just start to go to bed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey guys Happy Thursday! Really sorry that I have not posted in a couple of days! It is just that i have been really busy here i will show you how my week has been:


Dare Graduation! Yay! We had alot of fun considering that we have worked hard for this! Though I think that I was kinda of a klutz considering that every time i went on stage i fell but other than that it was pretty cool. Our skit turned out to be pretty good and everyone gave 110%! Okay so maybe it was like 90% but we still did good.  Oh and guess what we got goodie- bags! It had some cool stuff but some of the things were cheap like this yo-yo they gave us (mine already broke) but we got some cool stuff. Like a ruler, pencils, and magnets. (i guess this stuff is cool?) But it was cool we all got to sign each other's tee shirts.



I am not too sure if i told you this but we won a Panasonic contest! Best out of the nation! So we got some cool stuff but along with that we were supposed to go to my teacher's sister's restaurant but we couldn't so instead we were treated to Houlihan's! It was really cool i got a cheeseburger and fries! They even gave us mini sundays! So we ad lots of fun!



Well today there was not much of a big field trip but it was fun because we got to go 0n a tour to our new high school! Though to be honest i am kinda scared to go there. I have all of my favorite teachers in this school! I am really going to miss them a lot! I do hope I get courage though and face the dreaded thing called the High school!



And that has been my week so far the only really bad thing is that we were supposed to have a pizza party in school today and i can't go cause my throat is soooooo sore! I really wanted to go though!!! :'(  I guess I will just have to stay here! Oh well anyways well that is all for today! Oh and later (maybe) i will show you guys the second chapter of my book 

Sunday, May 17, 2009


hi i am just here in my room listening to paramore when it rains.  and i realized how truly beatiful the rain is. The second thing is that i am releasing the first chapter of my book right here right now!

Book dedication:


            this is to all people who have ever been scared or afraid. Trust me it seems horrible now but it can not stay forever. All problems come to an end.


Chapter 1


I stand there and watch her walk down the aisle. She is wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I see the smile on her face. This is her big day. I wish that I could feel the happiness to but quite frankly the only way I would smile today is if a bomb hit this wedding. Cruel, yes but the truth hurts. All I can focus is on the man who is not my father standing there. Probably thinking that by this marriage I will some how feel close to him. But I will not. I refuse to. I can smile and be polite but I will never call him dad. No matter what. No I am not one of those kids who thinks that somehow their father will come back and we will be a family again because I do not stretch the truth. I can face reality. Like the day I found out the man who is not my father and who will never be my father (lets call him the man) along with my mother told me about their dirty little secret. How they were getting married. I had no idea until that day the man had said to me, “We have a surprise.” I never liked the man but surprise with my mother means something that has to do with me like the “surprise” she told me about when the man was coming over our house in 15 minutes. Of course I had no say just like I never do but when I first met the man he seemed okay. Though I soon found out his dirty little secret a secret that he even keeps from my mother. The man is an alcoholic. He thinks I don’t know. But I am not that blind unlike my mother who believes in love at first sight. Which would explain why they only dated 3 months before marriage. And now I am standing here as the priest says his words to bring these two people in holy matrimony. I think of when the man had his talk with me.

            It was after school and I guess my mother told him to pick me up because she was too much of a coward to tell me about their secret until I got home. I remember the talk in the car.  

            “You know Hayley….” He began, “your mother and I love each other.”

            “Uh huh.” Honestly I could care less.

            “Well we have a surprise for you.” He said in a soft voice thinking I would not be able to hear him.

            “What does you love have to do with surprising me?”

            “Well…” he responded, “you will be surprised how much of a change our love can make.” Then he decided to just keep quiet. Which I guess was smart cause I can trick people into giving me the information I want. Then when we got home I saw my mom she was sitting on the couch and told me, “Hayley how about you sit down.”

            “ Okay.” I responded. Then they just flat out said it well my mom did.

            “Honey we are getting married.”

            “Of course.” I thought to myself. Then I thought what I said outloud, “So when is the wedding?”

            “It is in two weeks.” She responded. To be honest I thought it was in one week considering how my mother always told me things right when they are about to happen. So here I am watching my mom and this dirt bag whom I am supposed to call my dad. Making out as they are supposedly now married. Now most daughters would be happy that their mother is just married but it just truly disgusts me. So as everyone claps I stand there.

Yeah so it is a little rough but so far the book is good anyways gtg peace out!


Hi again i think i will do the im thing today

blogreader: hey what are you doing
insidetheheadofanangel: listening to paramore
blogreader: oh
insidetheheadofanangel: oh and guess what!
blogreader: what?
insidetheheadofanangel: i am in the middle of writing a book!
blogreader: umm okay
insidetheheadofanangel: what?
blogreader: well it is just that that was kind of random
insidetheheadofanangel: oh okay
blogreader: what is it about?
insidetheheadofanangel: a girl
blogreader: and 
insidetheheadofanangel: she has parents = )
blogreader: are u gonna tell me about this book or not?
insidetheheadofanangel: no not now but i will be posting my book on my blog
blogreader: okay
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah
blogreader: so what do u have going on
insidetheheadofanangel: today.........nothing
blogreader: o
insidetheheadofanangel: but this week i am going to have a lot of field trips
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah 
blogreader: so is that it?
insidetheheadofanangel: no not really
blogreader: what?
insidetheheadofanangel: well i am packing 4 my trip soon
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah it is coming up soon
blogreader: yeah iv'e only heard u say it 2 million times
insidetheheadofanangel: oh and i figured out who i am sitting with
blogreader: who
insidetheheadofanangel: chase she is in my class and me and her are bringing our ipods
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah but i have to tell my mom to give me $ for food stil
blogreader: o 
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah so what is going on with you
blogreader: ummm...........ummmmm....................does sleep count?
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah sure ; - )
blogreader: so then i have alot going on
insidetheheadofanangel: oh okay
blogreader: so is there anything else going on with u
insidetheheadofanangel: y
blogreader: ja 
insidetheheadofanangel: oh well not anything really but yeah i think i will stop posting like this soon cause i kind of have like mental block 
blogreader: like A.D.D
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah
blogreader: o okay then
insidetheheadofanangel: i wish that there was something going on but not much
blogreader: ☺ me 2
insidetheheadofanangel: you know where i want to be right now?
blogreader: where?
insidetheheadofanangel: anywhere but here i am so sick of being bored i want excitement in my life the only thing i have going on  is field trips
blogreader: so
insidetheheadofanangel: no one wants to hear that!
blogreader: o 
insidetheheadofanangel: well peace
blogreader: wait!
Auoto response: inside the head of an angel signed off at 4:00pm

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hi everyone i hoped that you liked my im post because i decided i will do it another time too. Anyways not much to say other than what i wrote and sorry i have not been posting on my blog it is just that idk i haven't been up to it well while i am here let me tell you what is going on whith my life. Okay let me sort this out.

Good News: We ar going to have lots of fieldtrips this month and i am sooooooooooooooooooo excited for boston even though it does feel that it is so far away. I have awesome pics on a folder i like to call blog pics and today i have a softball game! Oh and I think testing ends today! Good bye language and reading hello normal!

Bad news: I think i did really bad on testing because I already know that i got and open-ended wrong in math plus if i fail the state test i have heard that even if you are an A and B student that you can still fail the grade so i have my fingers crossed. I now know tht in boston they are just going to room us with whoever and well there is this one girl in my class (btw it is girls seperate from boys) and she is kinda annoying cause you have to like baby- sit her and i paid this money to have fun nto to baby-sit while i am there! Plus i think today we will get alot of homework since testing is over.

So there you go this is the rut i am in but anyways i have to go ttyl!☺♥☺♥☺♥☺ ♂♀=♥

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hey guys!

I have some really random stuff that has happened in my day today. First i was waiting to get on the bus and there is a tree next to the bus stop. So there I was waiting and this guy comes with a saw and i am thinking okay what is your problem? But then he starts cutting parts off of the tree and I am thinking okay I am out of this wacko place so i walk down the block and see a police man looking through a car (literally searching) and then when he finds a wallet he leaves and closes the car door and I am really,really,really confused. Aren't police good people? Anyways if you are wondering what i am doing right now here goes.

listening to: Paramore That's What You Get
feeling : like I want to be free like the world is closing up on me with school, homework, friends, and other stuff i feel like i have no more time for fun
wanting: my own secret hiding place where i can go whenever i need to relax
doing: typing on my blog
waiting for: my prince ☺
wishing for: a longer vacation
upset at: one of my family members

well that is what i am doing and my day see ya!!!