Monday, April 26, 2010

When Your Life is Hectic Relaxing feels unnatural

I am especially happy today.......
This week i have not gotten that much homework considering testing is soon. I am ecstatic. Or so i thought. Having all this free time is not very fun to me. It is not that i don't ever want a break from school but I mean i like it when my brain is stimulated and the closest thing i have to that is computer games so i tried some out and came up with a few good ones. I ranked them on a list. The results are here. If you find yourself bored these games i found quite fun.
The List

I really do not like the fact that the names are underlined and a separate color but i guess there is not much you can do. I also found out that a song in the game worm is apparently a song from 1998 called doctor worm. I was definitely alive and living at the time so i wonder why i never had heard it. However i felt it was my duty to show you people to the song doctor worm. Enjoy.

As you can probably see that the 1990's was a time where cheesy was cool :p (as shown by the guy with the worm in his pocket). However the song is kind o interesting I never really heard anything like doctor worm. I guess this would be a good time to wrap things up. Until next time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, But Don't Say It Mean

A Couple of days ago I was talking in class (geez what a surprise) and having a basic public descusion and i had said, "All are welcome to state thier opinion," or something relatively close and the teacher over hears me and says, "Natalie Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean. I was pondering whether that was true these last couple of days and have reached a final decision. In life everyone is required to make some tough decisions and let many people down you can't always say everything nice though i guess my teacher was just trying to tell me something or trying to make me learn some lesson i still don't believe in that quote. However i don't feel like bringing that up to a teacher who usually has to have their way all the time. Another ironic thing that happened this week was how a teacher was proud of a girl in my grade who people usually just cut in front of her but my teacher saw her stand her spot a week ago tried to cut in front of me today. Of course she didn't because trying to cut in front of me is like trying to get every girl to be quiet at a Justin Bieber concert which obviously will not happen. Which i have no idea why. I just don't happen to think that Justin Bieber is all that good. I guess he just isn't my music type. My music type would be Avril Lavigne or this. One time a girl told me that if she would pick a song out for me it would be and i quote, "some paramore crap." Being that i truly do like paramore i was not very happy to hear that. It feels like i haven't posted in forever but my teachers not decide to give us all the homework that should have been done throughout the year so i am just about booked every night of the week with unnecessary studies that i need for tests (quite ironic isn't it) and homework. So I am apologizing to all those who i have not commented on posts yet. Though sometimes i don't comment on posts i do always read them. So if i haven't commented yet don't worry i have (or at least will now read) you wonderful stories or entertaining blog posts. Testing is just around the corner so wish me luck!!