Tuesday, July 27, 2010

These Are The Days When I Think, "Where Did Summer Go?"

Okay so my best friends birthday, awesome. We had a pretty cool time. I mean it wasn't anything wild, actually there was only three of us but i still had fun. First we went to Five Guys which is some burger place that i had no idea existed, but it was really good. They gave soo many fries though. I mean the bag was halfway full and there was a whole cup just filled of them. It's just a good thing that they were good. Along with all this fatty-foods they also had free peanuts there. In fact there was a box in the corner and you used a scooper and got your own peanuts out of the box. After that we still kept eating, which i was surprised i didn't explode, we went to a fondue restaurant for dessert. They gave us what looked like a huge bowl of chocolate to dip our things in. But we figured out that you payed like twenty bucks and got like no chocolate. The seats in the restaurant were so low, that you thought you had a full pot of chocolate when in actuality they barely filled the pot. (which was good in my case considering i was about to explode of food). I was so full after that party that i didn't eat dinner that night or breakfast the next day. Oh and after 3 hours at the mall i ended up getting her an owl necklace, owl bracelets, and a best-friend necklace for her.

look at all these fries! Though i wish this photo was mine but as you know my camera is broken.

The big bad box of peanuts.

But aside from her birthday. I did happen to do some other things during the course of my week. I don't know if i mentioned this (though i probably didn't considering my sister is not my favorite person per-say), but my best friend and my sister both have the same birthday. Well not the year, but the same day.
So we (and by we i mean my mom and my two sisters) went to the pool to swim and what-not then afterwards we went home and ordered Chinese, then on Friday we went for a drive and ate at Mc Donalds. My sister ate a quarter pounder, a double cheeseburger, half a Mc chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, and had soda, along with fries. My other sister had a Mc chicken sandwich, half another Mc chicken sandwich, a bite of a quarter pounder, fries, some chicken nuggets, and two apple pies. I was surprised that the next day they ate breakfast. On that day we were going to see toy story three, but my mother insisted the price was too high, so we left and ended up going to the mall. I don't think that my mom didn't have the money as much as that she didn't want to pay 15 dollars a person. Now that is outrageous. At the mall all I wanted to do was go to the pet store because when i have no money and know i can't get anything i don't really want to go into a store and think, "Man i wish i had the money." Though when i go into the pet store i really already know i'm not going to walk out of there with a dog. My mom bought a shirt and some CD but she left her bag there so that was too bad.
Then on Sunday we did go see Toy Story 3 (at 10 dollars per person, it was okay considering i saw it another time before, but i mean its not that the plot is bad or anything, but i mean they put all this dumb stuff for little kids and well I'm not a little kid. Overall it was a pretty good week.

Until next time,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I have had a pretty good week. I'm starting a summer school class except it is for children who actually want to be there. It's been cool i figured out we are supposed to write newspaper articles which are supposed to be "published" (by this they mean printed out and given to you) but still, thats pretty cool. While me and my mother were driving on the highway this UPS guys gave me the rock on sign. I didn't know why so i just gave him a thumbs up back. Turns out i was wearing my famous KISS t-shirt.
In other words in just a few days it will be that time of the year again. My best-friends birthday! I just always have seemed to love birthday. Actually, I am more excited for her and its not even my birthday. I love that girl. I mean we haven't been friends for that long but friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side :P so she's pretty cool like that.
Honestly I haven't posting that often because there just isn't much to post about other than the following which just happened this week. By the way, I know that it's a little far off but my friends and I already have our Halloween costumes. I'm thinking of getting them off this website costume craze.
My costume. (I want to be Medusa)

But of course my mother doesn't want to pay for it so i have to earn the money myself. S0 one of my friends suggested going to the park to ask mothers/fathers if they would like us to watch their kids. I mean it sounds really kiddish but you wouldn't believe how well we have actually been doing. I just really hope i earn enough money. Well that is all for today until next time.