Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technique Cues What a boring title :(

Hi guys,

Yeah i know i just posted like a day ago but today i am staying at home and well i thought i might as well post cause i have the time. Moving on yesterday was the dreaded school. Yippee. Well like i've mentioned about twenty times now i do physical therapy and i am not supposed to be running a lot. So my mom wrote in a note. But of course that didn't help cause i was obviously "lying" yeah sure that is why my legs feel so bad today. But moving on i was forced to take gym which wasn't too bad. But then i was off to social studies which i HATE. Especially the teacher its like all teachers have this handbook on how to make their subjects hated. Like my math teach teaches math by getting their math problems from the lowest levels of hell. As you can see i DO NOT feel good. But then after social studies i went to other classes and then basic tech which is basically taking money from the school to hire unnecessary teachers off the street. But somehow i am okay with an easy A ;). But today i woke up and my legs hurt really badly and even though i begged my mom to go to school (because i cant be absent more than 6 times) she still said i had to stay home. So i better wake up and feel better tomorrow. (or at least pretend to ;)

From yours truly,
~Hayley -:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

On a Sunday like Today

Hi guys!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while but i've been busy. Did i forget to mention that now i am getting physical therapy just be cause i stand with my feet open. Yeah it stinks but o well its like the spa so i think i'm good ;). The only bad thing is that it hurts my feet within the next three days which really stinks. Man i must sound like a complete and utter loser but somehow thats just fine with me;). Anyways yesterday was really fun i helped out at a carwash. Totally cool. We had a fundraiser for school so it was fun to help out even if i don't go to that school. At first i ran around with my bff and we took donations from cars. Like those people on the highway. Ha Ha we must have looked like maniacs cause we would run down the street to get the cars there. But considering most cars drove away and took the red light we actually got alot of donations. Then i had fun with the hose i got to spray cars (which of course was awesome). I remember spraying this one car with this little girl and she was laguing and smiling and it reminded me of the days when i used to walk on the beaches and play in the sand. Before this recession we are in. Before i knew what it meant to be truly sad. Before all this confusion came. From this one little girl. Its funny what different people think of when they see someone. You could show the same picture to a million people and they could all think differently. Sometimes life can be so complex. But anyways after the fundraiser i went over my bf's house and we had fun up until the point that she wasn't feeling well so i had to go home but i had fun got really wet, and got some volunteer hours in (good for college). What could be a more perfect day. Well maybe if i didn't feel so bad today :).

~hayley :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009



just when you think you know someone

they change

just when you get each other

they move away

just as you finally smile

they cry

just as you open up

they close

what is trust?

some force i used to know 

something that used to mean something to me

that was important

but now everything has changed

i feel lost

alone all by myself the world is crashing before me

feelings are mixed up

they made up such a big part of me

something that cant be replaced

i opened up to them

let them in my world

and then as my world is finally stable 

they deceive me 

and they take that part away from me

and now i don't know them

now things have changed

my world closes up into nothing 


i never should have even thought for a second

that we could ever be friends 

because with joy comes sorrow

Beyonce should have won?

As we all know by now (or at least should have) Kanye West said this to poor Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Now first of all who is kanye west to judge taylor swift when he cant even write a good song! >:O makes me mad. But o well the rest of the show was pretty good other than the performances (way too out there) especially lady gaga "bleeding" at the end of her performance. Reminded me of the horror movie i never saw. :) but i guess it was okay. But enough about things that everyone already knows. Moving on this week not much has been going on since the start of school. The only thing is that im feeling like im losing my bff ashely :(. So she made me write a poem. No it doesnt rhyme. Makes some sense and also has a quote that goes with it. (ill add this to my wall later) and mybe later on ill write a song about it but until then here it is:

What is life?

A question to be answered.

A journey to be taken.

A heart to be broken.

A life to be ended.

A world to be turned.

Friends to be changed.

People to be hurt.

What is death?


Yeah sounds kinda gothish but wrote by yours truly tell me what you think! :) But until them i have homework to go do.


Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Raining

Yes it is raining outside :( just on the day that i was thinking of going to the park! Ugh so annoying anyways moving on. I actually do like the rain :). But todya my sister said that she was going to pic up my sister so i had to wait near school but after ten minutes it was WAY too long. So i took a little walk around town :) ha ha but i was back in time. Well early so i stood near the sewer and i heard the noise of the water going in and it sounded amazing! Its actually surprsing what is amazing to me. But i stood there on the side walk with an umbrella in my hand, a tornado of thoughts in my head, and my schedule to all my classes. But it stopped raining now. I wish i could just go to the park but its obviously soaked in water. O well i guess ill go onto www.bored.com i just googled it. So i guess that i will ttygl! byez! :)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi guys!!

I just got back from the first day of school. Extremely interesting. But I felt like ours teachers were in there own world and i was looking on the ouside like an alien from a different planet. But i saw all my friends!! I had lots of fun :) I mean a WHOLE two months without friends! WOW! ha ha. At least i will see them on saturday its one of my friends birthday! But she is SO hard to shop for i mean i have NO idea what to get her any suggestions? O well i guess ill come up with something. Man i hope i think of it today cause her birthday party is on saturday! Wish me luck and leave a comment! Tell me what to get a girl! Ha ha! Gtg pick out a present for her.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Purple Or Blue? Hard To Chose.

Ha Ha i am typing with wet nails ;) and most likely gonna have to do them again. But o well. Yeah i decided to post about yesterday. I had lots of fun doing everyday stuff but i was too busy to type everything i did so i decided to do that today. Anyways moving on. Yesterday i went to do the laundry with my mom. Yeah i know not exactly the most fun thing to do but i had fun. There was a vending machine there so i got my self a strawberry/kiwi Snapple and ate what i counted around 62 mini m&ms :). And there was a t.v there (ahh all the comforts of home) so i watched some shows i haven't seen in years like that so raven (haven't seen that in forever) and power rangers (which quite frankly i could do without seeing) but even thought it was something i do often it just seemed to be more fun. (I'm guessing it might have to do with the fact i had a snapple bottle in my hand). Yep i LOVE my snapple bottles. Even more than gatorade. Ha Ha.
After that we went to staples to get the reamaining of my school supplies and i think i did good. Remember the notebooks i told you i needed to get? Well turns out i only needed six and i got them. 120 pages each!! I just could not believe one subject notebooks came with that many pages. I also got a bookbag. I actually really like it! :) it is black and has gray stripes. And when you open it its orange :). I really like it. I think its the type that says (put buttons on me)http://www.melleny.com/albums/buttons/Camera_Pics_209.sized.jpg
awesome buttons :)

like it? ;)

O and btw i decided to paint my nails blue :)

yours truly,


Friday, September 4, 2009


Wow this year im actually starting later than usual. Most people would think thats a good thing. And I understand why :). But i am really eager to go back cause i miss my friends :'(. Most of them are always busy and when i talk to them we talk for like ten minutes then its sorry gtg ttyl. And of course they dont talk to me until around a week later (or not) but i dont blame them i mean if i had to go somewhere and didnt have time i would do the same thing. Man school starts THIS wednesday and as usual my mom still hasn't bought all my school supplies yet (so typical of her). But i'm not complaining :). In my last post i mentioned having fun with my friend ashely. Ha Ha i laugh reading at that we had so much fun!! And i set a new record of going over someones house four days in a row! thats alot to me considering we dont live near each other. We had lots of fun at the mall and went to an arcade :) the classic. Ha Ha man i miss her :'(. Even though i just saw her yesterday. We have totally different schedules. The only class we have together? gym. o joy. But i guess its better than nothing (lets stay positive). But today i will be getting my backpack, and seven one subject notebooks. Lets hope that i get good ones cause it is SERIOUSLY way to late to expect good ones :).

sorry gtg ttyl (ha ha i sound just like my friends)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tommy used to work on the docks. Unions been on strike. He's down on his luck...its tough, so tough.......

Okay that was odd :).

Anyways moving on.

These last two days have been totally awesome! I've been with my bff ashely :). She is totally cool. We went to the mall on the first day and then on the second day i helped her with some cleaning. I know it sounds lame but actually it was ALOT of fun :). Really good times. Anyways gtg before my mom yells at me for being on the computer.

with love,