Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello people reading this post!

I am so happy right now!! I mean EXTREMLY HAPPY!! First of all tommorow i am going to see my bff!! I am really glad about that! The second thing we are going to see a play which to me is VERY exciting considering i don't go to see them often! So that is great! Me and her are totally going to sit on the bus together! I can't wait i've never been sooooooo excited! I am soooo happy!! OMG!!!!!! The only bad thing is that my other bff is not coming cause she is going to a concert! Well at least i KNOW she will have fun! So best wishes! Anyways i can't wait though a bad thing is these girls from school are coming and they are not exactly friends with me infact i want to form an alliance against them but i hope i'll have fun! :D (an alliance i am such a dork. :[ lol)


Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi guys!

I am UPSET! You may be wondering why. This is because on my last post i told u about teh barbaque i was going to and well............it was cancelled!! I was soooooo upset cause that was basically my highlight of the week! I was going to have so much fun with their dogs and show u guys pics of them! But my plans were ruined so on that day i stayed home! But i still managed to have.......a HORRIBLE time!! You see i was trying to tell my mom something and she would not listen so i told her i could not wait to leave the house and well she got mad and took everyone in my family (except me of course i had a fun time staying at home) to church then shopping and to finish of to a restaraunt and they had a bunch of fun while i stayed at home the only good part of my day was that i was able to make a song that day. So i guess it was worth it somehow. Anyways i can't wait till Saturday my sis is having a party and i am allowed to invite 2 of my bff's to come over! I am sooooooo happy cause i have not seen them (in what feels like) ages!! I think we are going to see a movie but that doesn't concern me. I just wish to have a fun time. Well gtg i hear a game of fancy pants adventure calling my name. But just in case u r looking for soem fun too below is a link!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey guys!!

Not much going on this lovely almost afternoon! Though after church i get to go to a barbaque!! I love them! The open grill the family and friends and of course the dogs :] We go to one of my mother's friends house and they have three dogs! 2 May be puppies but they are so cute!!! I luv them!! I will try to post pics!! Oh they r sooooooo cute their names are Choulo, Eli, and Baya! Sorry never was good at spanish! And never will be!! LOL well gtg get ready for some fun this afternoon!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hobos, spirits, michael jackson, play-doh, and a bracelet!! That's it no more sugar before bed!

Okay yesterday had to be the wierdest day of my life!! Well actually lets not blame the entirely boring day cause a pickle would have had more fun than me!! Well anyways moving on... the wierdness happened at night. I had the wierdest dream ever!! Okay so i start off by riding in my friends car (from what i remember) and my little sister won't come in the car. So i try to pick her up and a hobo tries to steal my cellphone! So i kind of hit him really hard and he lets go and i grab my cellphone but then he runs after me so i call out to my friends dad but for somereason he doesn't hear me. So i call out to who i think is my friends mom and she doesn't hear me! So the driver tells me, "He only hears you when he wants to." Then i say, "Yeah her parents are practically deaf. Then i realized i am talking to my friends mom! So i get embarrased. So i run out of the car and end up at home some how. When i get there i realize the hobo is still there except he is in the form of play-doh!! and i have to keep on playing with him and so i tell my sister the story of when the hobo chased me. So then i tell her that the hobo is actually in the play-doh. So i don't know how but my mom found out. And then i asked her if i should put it under a hairdryer so that it can dry out and she says no that the hobos spirit will remain with us! And that REALLY gets me freaked out so i take the play-doh an throw it out the window. and it just lands on the back of my roof so i take it and before i can throw it it is back in my house! So i throw the play-doh as HARD AS I CAN and it goes away. But the spirit follows me. So i start to apoligize and cry out to it. Saying i am sorry. And then i start seeing the spirit except it is not a hobo. It is a handsome youn man! So i don't know how but i end up sitting next to michael jackson and i feel terrified no not nervous i mean i am actually scared of him. So we talk and then i end up in my moms car. And i pick up my sister but this time there is no hobo there.


-:) unicorn! he he he he he (I've been making these smileys since secnond grade. All rights reserved)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay so yeah i have been posting like every day but i guess that is okay yesterday was an actual fun summer day! Finally! I mean no ididn't have my bf's there with me technaclley. Okay anyways here i go! Okay so i was sitting at home bored while they were renevating my house. Basically the bathroom and there were flies like everywhere! So i got so annoyed that i decided to leave the house and went for a walk at first it was just around the block but then i started to walk to one of my bf's house! Which was at least 2-3 miles away!! OMG it was sooooooooooooo much fun even though i was just walking! Well my bf's was on the phone with me so while i was walking i was telling her that i was walking to her house and i mean i was litterally like almost there! But then she told me she was going to barnes and noble i mean that was the oringinal goal to go to but that is at least another mile from her house!! (a.k.a like 10-12 blocks) so i kind of gave up. So i stopped and A&P and got water and a berry smothie (btw REALLY good!) then i started to walk home. I was just a fin day out but serioulsy when i got home i had walked six miles!!! OMG i was so tire and my feet hurt and were REALLY dirty!! Okay let me just say this. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! go on a six mile walk in cheap sandles!! Speaking of which i think i might have even walked over six miles but hey i got exersise and a berry smothie so i am NOT complaining! Anyways i had a great day! I mean i didn't go to the beach or pool but i still had fun anyways. But as i can see that this post is getting way to long. So until then...............

Peace out!
Have fun!
Rock On!
Keep Your Faith!
GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(P.S luv neon green!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had lots of fun yesterday.................well not really yesterday was july the fourth but it sure didn't feel like it see one of my friends invited me to a barbaque and my mom said no and then my mother said that all i do is say bad things about my family. So she made me feel really guilty and kept saying, "Go. Go have fun with your friends. I am just your mother and your friends matter more than me," then she kept going on about that and made me feel bad. So i stayed in my room for about four hours. But after that i went out to buy silly string and i bought a word search book. I like to do those and sudoku for fun. But at first i went to spray my siblings. Then i knocked on the door to where my mother was and she said, "Come in," and i got her! I sprayed her with silly string. I guess that could have been my reveng or what no but it was more for fun. She started to yell and i laughed so hard! After that we had a silly string fight. Then i watched T.V and then we saw the fire works!! They were amazing!! I loved the display SO much! Wow! man imagine for the people standing under the fireworks! But i think that was the PERFECT end to an interesting day for july the fourth! Usually we don't do anything anyways. Which i wish could REALLY change cause who wants to be stuck at home all day! I mean espiacally on July the fourth!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So what am i doing?! Going to bed good night GOD, good night stars, good nightcomputer, good night moon, good night mom, good night dad, good night grandma, good night grandpa, good night friends, good night brothers, good nightsisters, good night icecream man, good night icecream woman, good night internet, good night faith, good night sunlight, good night darkness, good night domo, good night sushi, good night basically all food, good night demi lovato, good night selena gomez, good night teachers, good night world, good night dreams, good night hopes, good night fears, good night pathmark, good night shoprite, and good night other things i missed, for in the next eight hours i will be in bed sleeping away all my thoughts of today, and wake up tommorow with new thoughts dreams, hopes, and fears, or the same but until then GOOD - NIGHT to one and all!


Hi guys,

Two days ago was pure FUN!! I went to lake (well actually to be truthful idk the name so lets call it lake C) yeah so i went to lakeC and i had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! Well not really in the lake though it started to rain. But what we did first is we went to lake C and we ate lunch but then it was about to rain so we went to my bf's house and then it cleared up so we went back to the lake. But then it rained again (i mean what can u expect) so we wen to ther house again. But then we drove back to where my bf has another house well actually my bf's real house and we crashed there! It was extremly fun! I really did love it! And while i was there i was STUFFED! I got sooooooooo sick then next day! I ate So Much!! But it was sooooo good! AT least i had some fun this week! Now if only i could get my mom to let me go the the game with my other friend around sometime next week! We had a fight but i am hoping to scratch out the bumps. But until then! Live Laugh Love Peace Rock n Roll Live Forever Love First Hate Second and all that good stuff!

~ Hayley