Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shh make this moment last....

Hello fellow blogger buddies. Lately I, along with the rest of most of America's teenage population, have been addicted to tumblr. By addicted I mean I have created an account to see exactly what the big of a deal tumblr is. Actually it is much more fun when you are actually on there then when you are not. However in events unable to post I guess I will count this as my update, for now.
Have you ever noticed how whenever you think you did well on a test you end up failing and when you think you failed you did well? I don't know how, but recently I had the easiest test on Spanish which to me was an Easy A well turns out I got a D because i accidentally read the directions wrong on a section. So much for my straight A dreams........
So lately I have been looking up how to make those starburst bracelets ever since one of my friends in school asked me how to make them. I actually came up to a youtube page filled with different crafts to make on your own and came across this

I did not even know they sold colored duck tape. But anywho thank you if you watched the video and have a happy Saturday!

~A very crafty Natalie


  1. Yeah, the test thing always ends up happening to me unfortunately too, haha... :P The duct tape wallet is really cool though!

  2. That sounds like something I would do on a test. I'm the worst test taker.

    Love the wallet.

  3. Cool duct tape thing.

    Aw, I feel bad about the test for you.

  4. Hope you get it all calm by Thanksgiving.


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