Friday, August 7, 2009


I had the worst nightmare ever! I mean it was REALLY bad. Let me tell you what it was about. Okay so it started off with my mother telling us to leave the house. I've had this dream before so i knew what it was about. She told us to leave because she had a GREAT amount of debt. So "they" were coming. And by "they" i mean the bank were coming and they would throw us into and orphanage. So we had to run. My mom had reserved a million dollars for when the bank was going to come. So i asked her if she had any money and she cried so hard and said that she didn't have any. And i started crying but i had to leave so i took my little stuffed dog, the twenty dollars i had, and my ipod. And we ran out of the house. We caught a subway to the mall. Cause we figured there has to be SOME jobs available. And there was. I was a dishwasher (which is something i hate to do), my sister was one to. We worked at burger king. My brother was a ketchup squirter person. And i can't remember my other sibling's jobs. But it was horrible. I missed my mom and i remembered her last words to me and it just made me feel worse. And that is when i woke up. So i'll just say that in the end my mother paid off her debt and we went back to her.

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