Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Christmas break is soon coming to save me. For most people they hate to sit home alone. But (most of the time) for me i like to relax. Not that i have a lot of friends i go out with but, i'm always doing something like studying. This Friday we went on a field trip. We went to a museum to learn about the Holocaust. I hated the tour guide. Most boring person in the world. Example, "Hello today we will have a wonderful time learning about the Holocaust. O look at this piece of art what was the artist emotion?" Really boring. But after the field trip there was a burger king near by so we went there. Thats when the fun started. No pics though. ): they weren't allowed in the museum and i was too busy talking to take any at burger king. O well but we had fun. I sat next to one of my friends and we listened to our ipods during the bus ride. I'm remaking my iPod now and some of the songs i was listening to then will be on there. Tell me what your think! Not much this week just the boring rambles of my life. But lately i have been into photography.

Some Photos Taken by yours truly:

Candle Pics:

Sunrise Pics:

Not that good yes i know but its all i can do when i have to stay in eventually ill do better at it. Oh and by the way do any of your friends use this symbol? -:). Just saying i invented that and i said it in an earlier post. My friends started to use it just goes to show how quickly fads catch on. But yes i invented it. Don't let people tell you other wise


  1. i'll keep in mind that YOU invented it Hayley! (:

    I like your pics! Very cool!

    boring tour guide. sorry.

  2. Can't wait for Christmas break! That sucks that the museum experience wasn't too fun on account of the extremely boring tour guide, but Burger King is always a plus haha.

    Nice pictures too! I love the heart shaped candles :]


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