Friday, March 19, 2010

A While Farther

I have been worked to the bone,

It has been a long week filled with homework, studying, and friends :P then i came on here to see someone (though i actually do know who it is) comment on my blog telling me to be myself. I don't really understand what i did cause i do post on what i believe in and what i feel is important to me. But i am sorry if i affended anonymous in anyway. This week has been pretty good. Though my friends are really into shopping and what not so while they keep looking at justice, gap, aeropostle, and all that i sit there bored. To be honest i am not into name brands. Why do people pay extra money to just look like everyone else? I rather just buy a plain tee or pants and i turn it into my own. But maybe thats just me? If you can only see them right now talking about a thousand dollar skirt they saw in a magazine. I guess im just not the "shopping type." I am a sucker for home made stuff and just about anything acoustic even if its terrible:P

Until next time my friends.



  1. I completely agree about all of those people that pay a million dollars for the same clothes that everyone else wears. It's ridiculous! And I'm the shopping type too haha, but still find that stupid :P

  2. Its amazing what some people will buy. I'm thrifty and like to remake thing out of old clothes.

    Hope you get some rest soon.

  3. I was watching modern family last night and I liked the conversation that this guy was having with Manny how when you're young everyone wants to be like everyone else, but then there comes a time when you want to be different from everyone else.

    Hope your spring break is soon and lots of fun ahead.

  4. Homemade stuff..yeah, I like that too. I like seeing what I can come up with.

    Stay creative.


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