Monday, March 8, 2010

I guess its not really shocking any more

Okay so I have been on facebook twitter and all that stuff lately and i keep seeing these links where people (i'm guessing guys) put up websites and put nicked pictures of thier girlfriends on there. Is it just me or has this been going on for ages? It makes it seem as if no one stays together these days. The internet is just another way to show it.

But moving on...

Not really much going on this week. I took a trip to the park and walked around but nothing really worth talking about. For class we had to come up with something we would add to the constitution and i am thinking of adding an amendment that says that all families currently under the 2010 poverty rate should be eligible to receive free healthcare. One of my friends gave me the idea and it was a pretty good starter. I thought i would go with it. Our days are now shorter here on planet earth. 1.26 milliseconds shorter to be exact. We were discussing it in class and it is supposively rumored that if the earth's plates in that spot where the earthquake happened move apart our days should be back to normal but for now i guess i will have to sit here and accept the fact that my days are getting shorter (with that and the fact we will all have to reset our clocks for the spring, which by the way, i am not a big fan of. It actually does feel like we are losing precious time. I really do try my best to treasure my moments here on earth. I always wonder what heaven will be like (sorry for the religiousness to people who don't really have a specific religion) i always wondered how it would look. It's an interesting thought. But i guess i'm just rambling now. Until later!



  1. Honsetly, your not different if you TRY to be different, you different if you act like your REAL self.

  2. Please if you have nothing nice to say. Don't write it.


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