Friday, August 6, 2010

I Learn how To Work A Fax Machine

So i decided to help my mother at work. So far i sent out some faxes helped make coffee, and well went on the internet. I'ts not that my mother's office is boring, though its more of that she's in the bathroom and i have an opportunity. So i might as well take it, right?

Yesterday wasn't that bad either. I went to the park with my friend Gabby and we got soaked from the sprinklers which was much fun. Then after words I went over to her house and we played around with the make-up for our halloween costumes and watched her brother play the wii (we didn't feel like playing ourselves and they lost thier remotes) pretty soon it was time for her to go off to her basketball practice so i went home. With a fun day though. The only bad thing is for lunch i had hotdogs and i ended up having them again for dinner. Though i did discover i love relish.


Busted. Okays so my mom came back and wondered what I was doing on her computer and i found out that all her we browsing goes on file, so, of course, she got mad I went on blogger. Though i just don't understand how her visits to are any different. To all those who happen to actually don't mind reading this blog your probably don't recall how i said i started a random fact book. (well you remember now) It has not been going very well infact i haven't wrote any since then so far I am on random fact #4

#4 When i went to work with my mother i stole a sticky pad. :(

I haven't been posting much i realize, even less than during school, which is never good, but fear not good people of the bloggerworld i have not been posting for a reason. Nothing has been going on in my life. A farewell to the life of blogging (momentarily)



  1. Hanging out with your friend Gabby sounds like it was a blast! Running through the sprinklers and all, haha :D and don't worry, I think everyone slacks off on blogging during the summer just cause there's so much other stuff we'd rather be doing. so no worries!

  2. glad you got to update. mom's just have a way of getting mad, too.

  3. a very interesting story. made me smile. hope you have some fun before school starts.

  4. what an interesting post this has been.

  5. I could do that about the hotdogs. Aw, sorry about what happened with your Mom.

  6. Thank you so much for the comments and the feedback. Hope you are having a wonderful August.


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