Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No One Is As Lucky As Us......

Though it may be Tuesday today was a good day way to kick off the week. Pool, fried food, and some good music. My dad took us to the pool today which, course was lots of fun. Though it wasn't exactly easy to get there. At first when we got there at ten o clock they told us that the pool doesn't open until twelve o clock so we left went to a park McDonalds then came back to swim. (Okay so it wasn't exactly hard) We stayed at the pool until around eight then went to Burger Kind (i think i gained five pounds between McDonalds and this :) then headed off home.
Another good thing about today is I reunited with an old band, paramore. How do you reunite with a band? Well when you sister breaks you iPod wire and your iPod battery dies you are forced to listen to the (most of this music is trash to me so those who like mainstream please do not be offended) trash on the radio then discovering all the songs you love on youtube you have reunited with your favorite bands! So i decided to show you the song i reunited with today!

As for now im gonna hit the hay!



  1. Sounds like a fun summer day to me! :) Oh boy, I haven't been to McDonalds or Burger King in YEARS, which is insane, but they just don't have one nearby. And yeah I agree, I never really listen to the radio cause there are too many commercials and the songs I do hear aren't exactly amazing, so it's not worth it. but yay for rediscovering old favorites!

  2. That's great about the pool and all that fast food. I haven't listened to this band for a while, either. We had a bad storm last night. Power outage. A freaky dad who was in his undies..and Mom lost him in the house. He went to the bathroom and..it was sooo dark..he went to my room accidentally and got in my bed. Thankfully, I was not in it at the time. I was checking on our pets. Sorry to share, it was kind of funny and scary to find him there..because Mom thought for awhile he was outside.

  3. Oh, what a nice time at the pool. I bet you needed Burger King, too. I must confess..I have not gone swimming all summer. And I really do love the pool.

    About Grady in the story..he's just a toddler that Jack has suddenly found himself in the gaurdianship of..Grady's Mom is in jail. & also..Jack is some one Heath knew in high school. I'm not sure if you'd call him Heath's ex...but something a lot like it.

  4. The pool sounds so great right now. Thanks for the song too.

    Lucy and Sarah
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