Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marley And Me One Of The Saddest Movie's Ever.

Hey guys here at a birthday party! The Birthday girl is opening her gifts. Happy Birthday Cell! Ha ha not really her birthday but close enough. :) anyways having fun, kicking back with my bffs :). Very happy now. Not really much to explain is there? This week was fun. I went to a football game and surprisingly we won. Only game we are winning this season. Then of course i had some lame writing assignment but at least i go to choose the topic. I chose the topic of who are you? which i probably think i failed but at leas i got my point across. Can't believed i actually survived the last five hours without listening to my ipod. Consideringall i had to listen to is thetwilight sound track :'(. But i have to go now one because i hear friends screaming around me and two cause its time for face painting (don't ask)

See ya!


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