Saturday, October 31, 2009

Macy's Rejects


It's Hayley haven't been on in a while cause ive been pretty busy this week and yesterday didnt really work out. But im here now. Anyways today was the always famous holloween. And i went trick or treating with my friends. Some may say that we are too old but thier just judgemental :). I went as a clown and one of my friends went as an elf. First time i think that has ever happened but we had fun. We walked all over town and i only filled up one bag. But considering half of the people weren't home i guess we did well. But before that i went to help serve dinner at the senior citizens place. (yes i forgot the name (: o well) i actually had a lot of fun. I served them food, had fun with friends ♥, and we got to dance. It actually seemed as if us volunteers had more fun that the seniors but thats okay. O and this week my class went on a field trip to some mine. Our tour guide was pretty boring but we went in a neon room and it was totally fun. Here are some pics:

Yeah it doesnt really look like we went to a mine but this is just the museum. The mine is below:

Our teachers all love this field trip. But personally my favorite part was the bus ride there and back. But we did do some fun things there. I saw rocks that glowed in the dark ;D. But the mannequins were really creepy they wanted to show the different jobs that a worker would do. But to me i think they were just Macy's rejects. Free is good right? But at least my friendship troubles are over (for now) i'm just wondering when this person is going to start talking about me. I know that they would. Just because i told them the truth. But like i say, "The truth is like a cut, but to lie is like a scar," yeah its lame but i made it on the spot. Hope things get better. At least before they get worse.


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