Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have about ten minutes to post so here i go...


Hectic week a birthday party, my birthday, and of course the dreaded school. Yes this week i had my birthday and this year my mom remembered. That was a fun day. I was supposed to have a party but it didn't exactly work out. Notice wasn't the best. And i didn't get to invite all my friends. So we cancelled. Instead we ditched the idea for a day at the mall. We saw a christmas carol. It was....intersting. Not the best movie i ever saw but it was good enough. But before we headed toward the food court. I had to split eleven bucks between my sister and I. I wanted to go to this really cool indian place. But of course, it was only my birthday, so burger king awaited us. Then my mother bought us some cookies and herself a coffe. Eventhough i tried to tell her no food in the theater she just had to hear it from the employe there. So we did the logical thing. Made my mom chug her coffee and sneak the cookies in her purse. It would have been more fun if my sister didn't ask a question every two minutes. But pretty much good birthday. After words we went to a pet store that we happened to see. Then i really wanted a hamster. Even though i knew i wouldn't get one :). Afterwards we headed toward the bookstore i saw a couple of great books but of course being broke couldn't buy them. Then after that we went to buy me a pair of sneakers. I'm getting them in three to five days. A total step up from last years present (a hug)

Well looks like my time is up.

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