Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hint Of Life Makes Everything Exciting


Hello fellow readers,

Since a couple of days ago we have been reading "The Diary Of Anne Frank". The book is really cool but our teacher makes us watch these movies about the holocost that go along with it aren't so ideal. We saw this movie with this girl named Girtrude (i think thats her name). She was a holocost surviver and she told her story of living through it. It was really sad. Out of her whole entire family she was one of the only people to survive along with her brother. A trailer is below. It shows you who she was its only 39 seconds of this inspiring document on this amazing women. If you ever see the movie tell me your opinion. Its really good the only thing that i don't like is that they try to make the ending seem too happy (a solider finds her and some friends in a bicycle factory) and they fall in love and get married. But it was horrible she said that during the death march some people could break their toes off their foot like twigs. *shutters Also she was twenty one and weighed 68 pounds. Yes its possible. She was so ill. I feel so bad and i've learned to never let something like this ever happen again.


My week was pretty good. Its just that i do have a regret. You remember how i was having a fight with my friend? Well it got worse :(. O well but i just wish we didn't have to learn about the Holocaust i swear i am going to have nightmares about Hitler. I really do wish i had plans on a Friday. But now i kinda miss her. She reallly i guess didn't know what she was doing when she said what she did. And maybe i should have given her more of a chance. I really don't know what to do. Life can just be so hard sometimes. I have to go anyways.



  1. Yeah, I remember reading The Diary Of Anne Frank. Another really good Holocaust book I read was called "I Have Lived A Thousand Years", which is a true story told by the perspective of a young girl and her experiences in the concentration camps and everything, which are absolutely horrible. But if you're already having Hitler-related nightmares I probably wouldn't read it, haha :P But it is really really good.

    I hope you and your friend work things out soon! :/ I hate drama with friends, it's probably the worst kind.... good luck!

  2. Ah, yeah, when we learned about WWII and the Holocaust, it really interested me. We read, I Am David, and its become one of my favorite books I've had to read apart of the school's curriculumn. But the sad part is we never really get a grasp of it unless we lived through it.

    I'm sorry about your friend problems. D: I've been in a fight with my friend for a week now, it's horrible. Hopefully your problems get resolves quickly. :)


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