Friday, November 27, 2009

You Call It Thanksgiving I call it Thursday

Hello fellow bloggers,

I just want to tell who ever is reading this post happy (the day after) thanksgiving! Though i have missed the true holiday i still have some spirit left in me.

11 Things I am Thankful for

1) the lord who helps me in life
2) my wonderful family who i can always count on.
3) Who i am and the fact that i never want to change for anyone
4) Electricity
5) for my good friends who (have to) except me for who i am
6)The roof over my head and the clothes on my back
7)my blogger friend(s)
8) the rain which calms me and soothes me to sleep on a spring day
9) the fact that i can go to school and have a good education
10) china who lent the U.S money for bailout
11) that i am alive

This years thanksgiving didn't exactly go to plan. Our oven broke and we were supposed to get it fixed. But that didn't happen so we basically stayed home all day. Except at night (around dinner) we went out to eat. My mom decided to try something new so we went to this restaurant (where i am not too sure where it is. I was reading the whole car ride. Which my friends can't do. Another thing to be thankful for.) It was a nice place it had this whole 80's retro vibe mixed with holiday spirit. The food was great too. The worst part was after we got the bill. 104 dollars! And only five people ate. Then after wards we headed for the bathroom. Horror. Lets leave it at this. The toilet paper was on the floor. (i used the extra that was there in the holder) Worst bathroom ever. But then today my mom decided to cook up a "thanksgiving meal". Which is usually what happens the day after thanks giving. It consisted of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.

But enough about thanksgiving. This week not that much happened but enough. I got over the other fight with my friend. My whole world is turned upside down. I should have just moved on, but i couldn't (i hate being nice) but now its even worse. I'm in a new friend fight with another girl. It seems as if she just uses me but i don't know what to say to her. I think ill just leave it for now cause she is a pretty faithful friend to me and it think this other girl is getting to me. We are still learning about the holocaust and are still reading the diary of Anne Frank. It's more of an independent read we were just told to read every night. Thats what i tend to do. It's a pretty good book and the Hitler nightmares haven't come yet. O and just asking. But tell me what you think of the songs on my iPod. (don't worry just tell me the truth).


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  1. the songs on your iPod are epic.

    sorry about your Thanksgiving. sounds horrific. :( and that bathroom. gross! sorry you had to go through that Hayley! no fun.


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