Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I really need

A Day off....

School has been pretty good so far. Grades have been good too. My mother's expectation is A's and B's but i have managed to get away with a C in my worst subject which is spanish by the way. My teachers are wierd and keep a class on thier toes and I love that about them (: and best of all i ate rice pudding today. So i my life in a way has been pretty average up until about a month ago when i met gabby. Shes a good friend to me now and i guess we are pretty wild together but thats good in a way right? Well moving on...

Lately i have been watching videos of britanni taylor. I really do like her youtube videos. Speaking of videos, is there any way i can quickly upload videos to blogger without using a youtube link? If there is please please let me know. It would really help.


~Natalie and yes i know this video is old but its one of my favorite


  1. I'm glad you've been good! :) Spanish can be pretty difficult sometimes, but yeah, it's good to have teachers that like to challenge you to do your best I guess. And great video!

  2. Great video!! I wish I took Spanish though!


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