Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi again i think i will do the im thing today

blogreader: hey what are you doing
insidetheheadofanangel: listening to paramore
blogreader: oh
insidetheheadofanangel: oh and guess what!
blogreader: what?
insidetheheadofanangel: i am in the middle of writing a book!
blogreader: umm okay
insidetheheadofanangel: what?
blogreader: well it is just that that was kind of random
insidetheheadofanangel: oh okay
blogreader: what is it about?
insidetheheadofanangel: a girl
blogreader: and 
insidetheheadofanangel: she has parents = )
blogreader: are u gonna tell me about this book or not?
insidetheheadofanangel: no not now but i will be posting my book on my blog
blogreader: okay
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah
blogreader: so what do u have going on
insidetheheadofanangel: today.........nothing
blogreader: o
insidetheheadofanangel: but this week i am going to have a lot of field trips
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah 
blogreader: so is that it?
insidetheheadofanangel: no not really
blogreader: what?
insidetheheadofanangel: well i am packing 4 my trip soon
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah it is coming up soon
blogreader: yeah iv'e only heard u say it 2 million times
insidetheheadofanangel: oh and i figured out who i am sitting with
blogreader: who
insidetheheadofanangel: chase she is in my class and me and her are bringing our ipods
blogreader: cool
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah but i have to tell my mom to give me $ for food stil
blogreader: o 
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah so what is going on with you
blogreader: ummm...........ummmmm....................does sleep count?
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah sure ; - )
blogreader: so then i have alot going on
insidetheheadofanangel: oh okay
blogreader: so is there anything else going on with u
insidetheheadofanangel: y
blogreader: ja 
insidetheheadofanangel: oh well not anything really but yeah i think i will stop posting like this soon cause i kind of have like mental block 
blogreader: like A.D.D
insidetheheadofanangel: yeah
blogreader: o okay then
insidetheheadofanangel: i wish that there was something going on but not much
blogreader: ☺ me 2
insidetheheadofanangel: you know where i want to be right now?
blogreader: where?
insidetheheadofanangel: anywhere but here i am so sick of being bored i want excitement in my life the only thing i have going on  is field trips
blogreader: so
insidetheheadofanangel: no one wants to hear that!
blogreader: o 
insidetheheadofanangel: well peace
blogreader: wait!
Auoto response: inside the head of an angel signed off at 4:00pm

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