Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey guys Happy Thursday! Really sorry that I have not posted in a couple of days! It is just that i have been really busy here i will show you how my week has been:


Dare Graduation! Yay! We had alot of fun considering that we have worked hard for this! Though I think that I was kinda of a klutz considering that every time i went on stage i fell but other than that it was pretty cool. Our skit turned out to be pretty good and everyone gave 110%! Okay so maybe it was like 90% but we still did good.  Oh and guess what we got goodie- bags! It had some cool stuff but some of the things were cheap like this yo-yo they gave us (mine already broke) but we got some cool stuff. Like a ruler, pencils, and magnets. (i guess this stuff is cool?) But it was cool we all got to sign each other's tee shirts.



I am not too sure if i told you this but we won a Panasonic contest! Best out of the nation! So we got some cool stuff but along with that we were supposed to go to my teacher's sister's restaurant but we couldn't so instead we were treated to Houlihan's! It was really cool i got a cheeseburger and fries! They even gave us mini sundays! So we ad lots of fun!



Well today there was not much of a big field trip but it was fun because we got to go 0n a tour to our new high school! Though to be honest i am kinda scared to go there. I have all of my favorite teachers in this school! I am really going to miss them a lot! I do hope I get courage though and face the dreaded thing called the High school!



And that has been my week so far the only really bad thing is that we were supposed to have a pizza party in school today and i can't go cause my throat is soooooo sore! I really wanted to go though!!! :'(  I guess I will just have to stay here! Oh well anyways well that is all for today! Oh and later (maybe) i will show you guys the second chapter of my book 

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