Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technique Cues What a boring title :(

Hi guys,

Yeah i know i just posted like a day ago but today i am staying at home and well i thought i might as well post cause i have the time. Moving on yesterday was the dreaded school. Yippee. Well like i've mentioned about twenty times now i do physical therapy and i am not supposed to be running a lot. So my mom wrote in a note. But of course that didn't help cause i was obviously "lying" yeah sure that is why my legs feel so bad today. But moving on i was forced to take gym which wasn't too bad. But then i was off to social studies which i HATE. Especially the teacher its like all teachers have this handbook on how to make their subjects hated. Like my math teach teaches math by getting their math problems from the lowest levels of hell. As you can see i DO NOT feel good. But then after social studies i went to other classes and then basic tech which is basically taking money from the school to hire unnecessary teachers off the street. But somehow i am okay with an easy A ;). But today i woke up and my legs hurt really badly and even though i begged my mom to go to school (because i cant be absent more than 6 times) she still said i had to stay home. So i better wake up and feel better tomorrow. (or at least pretend to ;)

From yours truly,
~Hayley -:)

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  1. Heyyy, thanks for checking out my blog! Eeeek, I hope you feel better ASAP :]


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