Sunday, January 31, 2010

An End To A Blog?

Lately I've been thinking that i don't really need a blog. I mean an open to all blog. Me and my friends are starting to make private blogs that only we can read. But i don't know. I mean it's not that posting out in the open is boring just dangerous not that i don't trust my followers just the people i don't know reading my page. But if this really is my last post I might as well make it interesting:

So within the last weeks it has been hectic. One word. Mid-terms. Late nights frantic sutdying have basically been the story of my life. Plus play practice of course. But other than that nothing. Until this saturday me and my friends went bowling. For my first time i did pretty darn good :P. I got a 59, 74, and 30 something. Not bad if you ask me. I hope i did good on my midterms. But now that i finally come out being a hermit for about a week im going to see what others were doing. See you guys later (and maybe ill have one private blog and one public. If you have any ideas let me know!)

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  1. You could always just do like you said, and have one private blog about personal things you don't want the whole world to know, and one public blog. Whatever you decide!

    Ugh, midterms are evil. But at least they're over with now! Hopefully you did well. And bowling sounds like fun - I haven't been in a while!


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