Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And The Week Goes On.....

Hello fellow bloggers,
After various comments (which were basically all from natalie ;) I decided that i should probably just keep two blogs I mean. I do love to blog to you guys. But moving on....

I've been looking at different blogs over the past few weeks and I've realized how many cool people go on this site every day. I mean other than the people who follow my blog. I guess you can call it blog surfing. People have so much to say. I really do enjoy what people have to say. Some of my friends can be so subjective when it comes to blogging but i feel oped to hear peoples points of views even if i don't agree with them. Oh and if you are wondering how I am blogging to you when i should be in school. I'm part of teh morning anouncements so that explains it. Until next time my darlings :P.


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