Saturday, January 2, 2010

Would I Lie To You?

Welcome to the new year everyone! I tend to almost never have a new years resoloution but this year I actually want to have one. What is it? Come Clean. First with my blog. Not what your thinking though all these posts are totally real. But the name i sign them with isn't. Thats right my real name isn't Hayley. But before you judge hear me out. I just always like the name Hayley and i thought it would be a good blog name. But in real life my name is Natalie. To all of you who will judge you can. But i just thought that you all should know. Anyways continuing on...................
I know it's been a while since i posted. You think that this winter break would cause me to post more but i've become quit lazy and haven't. So sorry about that. So what have i been doing? Well Chritsmas and New years have helped me have plans but other than that just the usual sitting at home and watching t.v.
Christmas day. Most children wake up early bing anixoues and excited. I woke up early because of a nightmare. At about 7:30 when no ones curiousitly can longer be held we head to the living room for the unwrapping of presents. I got a razor scooter and some unnecessary but cute things including lip gloss from smackers, some hair bands, a stuffed animal ( a dog to be exact), and a toy that is supposed to be for three-year-olds. I'm still grateful though i mean some children get nothing. We basically stayed home all day and i was on the internet just playing games. I think i have become quite the homebody cause my mom has even mentioned it to me.
Then inbetween that i took my scooter out for a ride ( i don't care how much snow was outside! (: So i took my scootere na went to the park and just sat there next to a tree and thought. How things changed between then and before. Then i peddled along as if nothing happened.
New Years was fun i guess. I was still stuck at home and didn't have much to do but at least i was with my family right? Then when i was making my mom a sandwhich i tripped and fell. Usually i am used to falling because it happens alot. But I cried. My family thought i had some serious head injury cause i am one t say, "ow," them move on, but it wasn't the fall that hurt it was just me. After i did cry i felt better though. I don't even know what it was all about.
Oh and over this period of time i wrote a song. I listed the lyrics below. So tell me what you think.

Verse 1

I used to love someone like you

I used to think they loved me too

I used to hide all of my fears

And I used to hold back all my tears

Does the thought ever occur to you

there's nothing i wouldn't do

just so i could be with you

But would you ever?


Cry with me when i was sad

Would you laugh with me i know that your mad

but you see

it's the little things that you do

that always bring me back to you.

Verse 2

All of my friends think its wise

that we both say our good-byes

and now i wonder if our love was a show

with these things you never know

but it. just felt so real inside

i took this end by surprise

and i remember all of the times, when you.........


cried with me when i was sad

when you laughed with me

i know that your mad

but you see its the little things that you do

that always seem to bring me back to you


I should know better inside than to come back here

I should make you realize my dear..........

that im the one who


cried with you when you were sad

who laughed with you

I know that your mad

but you see

it's the little things that you do

that used to bring me back to you.

I used the verse "used to bring me back to you" as showing that this person doesn't have an effect on me anymore. I just hope these lyrics aren't too corney. (: I also wish you all a happy new year! (even though it may be late). And i had one more new years resoulution. It was to blog when i feel like it. I used to blog every friday because thats when i would have the most free time but now when I have something to say i'll blog it. Even if it gets annoying. Well I guess i'll be seeing you guys later!



  1. People with the name Natalie ftw? *high five* :D

    I always wanted a Razor scooter! But I was terrible at riding them, so I guess it's good my parents didn't get me one or else I would have probably injured myself haha. It sounds like you've been having a nice and relaxing break though, so that's always good. And happy new year to you too! Good luck with your resolutions and everything!

  2. i like your name. Natalie. Now i have two blogger buddies named Natalie! (:

    awesome song!


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