Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its funny using the word normal is more special than saying your unique these days

My Saturday was filled with oreo cookies, half a meatball, and a plate full of spaghetti. I'm in the middle of The Lightning Theif. i know your thinking i only liek the book because of teh movie that came out but that is not true. One of my friends introduced me to teh book and i didnt have the money to buy it (and i had a bad experience with my library card being stolen so i couldnt check out teh book) so now one of my friends lent me thier book. It is pretty good. But the movie is nothing like the book (thats what my friends told me when they saw it). Lately I have been thinking how people over use the word unique. It's now more unique to be normal. Everyone says that they are unique when in actuallity alot of people are just followers. I'd define someone who is unique is someone who is not all of the sudden into the latest trends, is known whether they are hated or not, and most of all has charcter that is someone truly unique. Don't get me wrong there are many people who do qualify as unique but i just don't like those who think their someone their not.

A random thought: A week ago our teacher asked us the theme (life lesson) behind Cinderella. A couple of people had said hard work pays off, or the good will always outstrip the bad. My responce: "Face Reality." Everyone laughed including our teacher. But what do you think the meaning of Cinderella is. And do you think i would classify as unique? I'm pretty sure that most of you out there do!


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  1. Someone recommended the book to me a while ago and every time I would go to the library all the copies would be checked out, and then I realized that was because there was a movie coming out haha :P But yeah, I want to definitely read that before I see the movie, cause of course they just have to make it totally different...

    I guess technically everyone is unique in some way or another, but there's always going to be someone else that wears the same clothes as you or listens to the same music or whatever... so I guess we're unique, yet not... I don't know haha. I'm rambling.


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