Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Guess I Never Knew?

Hi guys,

I'ts been a pretty good week (other than catching a stomach virus) but no worries i feel better now it was more like a 24 hour bug. So I have had a lot of time on my hands. I don't know when the thought occurred to me but lately I have been wanting to figure out my ancestors where I'm originally from, or at least who my great-grandfather is. Surprisingly I have never come to think of the small amount of my family i actually know about. Basically my uncle, mom, dad, siblings, grand mother and father (0n my mom's side), grand father and mother (from my dads side), and i faintly remember two men from my moms side who i don't even know who they were. My one friend has most of her family living with her in fact they all take up and entire section of town. Now I am definitely not asking for that but it would be nice to know my family. So i have been on trying to figure it out. The bad part is that i really don't have any money to pay for it and my mom doesn't want to so i have to have a free account which really doesn't help considering you can't search anyone but its a start. I might do that 14 day free trial then after that not use it anymore (might as well get the most out of it) but ill decide that later on when i have more time to use up that fourteen day free trial. Oh and before i forget to mention it. I decided to have a private blog too. No offense to you guys i trust all my followers (like i said before) but all the other people who can see this blog whom i don't know I'm not so crazy about. I can't decide on a URL yet so ill have to hold it off for a while but today i am going to help a friend start a blog. It makes me feel so wise when people come to me for help (with anything let alone a blog.) A random fact i learned off the internet that is actually true: If you have a gmail account (which you have to have in order to start a blog) the government can read through all you emails no matter how private they may be. So if i were you i wouldn't use gmail to often. If you are like me i don't think you will enjoy the government in your private life i'd get a different service. Well until later!


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  1. I know mostly all of my family, but I'm not really close to them, so I guess that's no good :P I hope whoever I marry has a lot of siblings though, because I'm an only child and I want my kids to have a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins and everything!

    The government can read gmail? That's kind of creepy D: Luckily I use Yahoo primarily!


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