Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi guys just got a twitter! its rocknroll4ev! i guess i am still just not myself i had alot of fun today with my bf and yet i come home to this dreaded house and my heart just drops i feel dead i guess you could say. but i am still living. oh an guess what!!!!!!!!!! schools almost out!!! i am sooooooo excited! oh and i am getting a digital camera so expect lots of pics. Oh and i also learned today that there is a HUGE difference betweenbeing alone and being lonely i mean i can be in a room full of people and still i feel alone so with this experience i decided that this website will be for help and teaching of my sageness ☺☺♥☻☻so enjoy and please comment! ithink that i will be sending an email to everyone about my blog!!!!! anyways enjoy your life! stay young at heart! and to rap this up! Remain true to yourself because you are FOREVER YOUNG!!!!!!!

luv peace and taco grease!


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