Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends, Horror Movies, and Chicken parm

Sleep over!! i had alot of fun with me and my bffs! We watched the messangers!! It was a really good movie! and i have to say Kristen Stewart did a pretty good job. She played a girl named Jessica and has a brother named ben. (who is the cutest baby i have ever seen!!) So anyways a couple of years ago something happened in thier house (da da daaaa) and of corse considering it was a horror movie it was not something good. But just so i do not ruin the ending all i will say is that it involves a boy and his mother. So anyways as usual a new family comes and the children see things and well in the end u find out the rest. So yeah sorry i have to go. I have to finish this really good book i am reading!!

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