Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have a secret that i don't want my mother to know it happened today and well here i go:

Okay so my mom is usually really good with me except for today. It all started when i was hungry. I asked my mom if i could go to pathmark which we don't live too, too far away from and she said i could go but i was emailing a friend and well i finished at around 3:20 so i ask my mom what she wants me to buy then one of my sister puts my mom in a bad mood so then i start to ask my mom a question and she yells at me to get out of the house so i do and she told me to go to sub way which is also close to me but i don't..............
I walk about five blocks and try to go to McDonalds instead cause i was mad and i am walking till i realize my mom is calling i pick up and she apologizes and now i feel horrible. But then i realize this guy is FOLLOWING ME! so i freak out and run then he starts to run and then i walk and he walks then i enter white castle and lose him to proceed to mc donalds and i RUN. Man my friends r always talking about stalkers and now i know what that is and never want one again. Anwyways so i get to mcdonalds and it is PACKED so then i proceed to burger king and there i get a whopper with cheese, soda, fries, and mac and cheese. Then when the guy asked is it for here or to go? i say even though i know i am lying what if some of it is for here and some of it is to go? he says then aske for a bag and i am like okay.
While i was there i see a father and his two sons and his sons are trying to talk to their father and her says wait wait wait. and i am thinking, your kids are calling out to you! answer! but too late cuase i get my food and sit down and the first thing is c is a want to be girl with stuff pouring out her shirt!! what a crazy! but then i notice the father looks just like my uncle which makes me think of the lie i tell my mom and i feel horrible. so i eat then leave and walk around then decide to go to pathmark and guess who i see! the freak! but this time i walk right past him and he doesn't follow me so i am thinking that maybe he was going to the house right next to white castle! that made more sense so! so i start to buy the grocerries and then here avril lavgine when ur gone and start singing to it and i just think of this as my speacial day and what i did is done. so i walk home singing when your gone by avril lavigne with icream, milk, beef, tuna fish, and the recept.

Of course there is more to this story but that part is MY own little secret.

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