Saturday, June 13, 2009


OMG i had one heck of a day! Here i was just sitting in my apartment and then the sink starts flooding!!!!!! OMG i was sooooooooooo nervous!!!! but they r fixing it right now so no worries! anyways twitter is going pretty good for me i actually have more followers there than i do on my blog so yeah it is pretty good i have 12 followers and i had to block some of the people who wanted to follow so i would have had like twenty but i just attract the WRONG people! man u do not know how this feels!!!! man i got some pretty bad people want to follow my twiiter! but other than that i had a pretty good day! not much went on and if u want to check out my twitter it is:


thx to all those who check out my blog! Peace out!!! Rock and Roll for life! and all that good stuff!!

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