Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had lots of fun yesterday.................well not really yesterday was july the fourth but it sure didn't feel like it see one of my friends invited me to a barbaque and my mom said no and then my mother said that all i do is say bad things about my family. So she made me feel really guilty and kept saying, "Go. Go have fun with your friends. I am just your mother and your friends matter more than me," then she kept going on about that and made me feel bad. So i stayed in my room for about four hours. But after that i went out to buy silly string and i bought a word search book. I like to do those and sudoku for fun. But at first i went to spray my siblings. Then i knocked on the door to where my mother was and she said, "Come in," and i got her! I sprayed her with silly string. I guess that could have been my reveng or what no but it was more for fun. She started to yell and i laughed so hard! After that we had a silly string fight. Then i watched T.V and then we saw the fire works!! They were amazing!! I loved the display SO much! Wow! man imagine for the people standing under the fireworks! But i think that was the PERFECT end to an interesting day for july the fourth! Usually we don't do anything anyways. Which i wish could REALLY change cause who wants to be stuck at home all day! I mean espiacally on July the fourth!

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