Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi guys!

I am UPSET! You may be wondering why. This is because on my last post i told u about teh barbaque i was going to and was cancelled!! I was soooooo upset cause that was basically my highlight of the week! I was going to have so much fun with their dogs and show u guys pics of them! But my plans were ruined so on that day i stayed home! But i still managed to have.......a HORRIBLE time!! You see i was trying to tell my mom something and she would not listen so i told her i could not wait to leave the house and well she got mad and took everyone in my family (except me of course i had a fun time staying at home) to church then shopping and to finish of to a restaraunt and they had a bunch of fun while i stayed at home the only good part of my day was that i was able to make a song that day. So i guess it was worth it somehow. Anyways i can't wait till Saturday my sis is having a party and i am allowed to invite 2 of my bff's to come over! I am sooooooo happy cause i have not seen them (in what feels like) ages!! I think we are going to see a movie but that doesn't concern me. I just wish to have a fun time. Well gtg i hear a game of fancy pants adventure calling my name. But just in case u r looking for soem fun too below is a link!

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