Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hobos, spirits, michael jackson, play-doh, and a bracelet!! That's it no more sugar before bed!

Okay yesterday had to be the wierdest day of my life!! Well actually lets not blame the entirely boring day cause a pickle would have had more fun than me!! Well anyways moving on... the wierdness happened at night. I had the wierdest dream ever!! Okay so i start off by riding in my friends car (from what i remember) and my little sister won't come in the car. So i try to pick her up and a hobo tries to steal my cellphone! So i kind of hit him really hard and he lets go and i grab my cellphone but then he runs after me so i call out to my friends dad but for somereason he doesn't hear me. So i call out to who i think is my friends mom and she doesn't hear me! So the driver tells me, "He only hears you when he wants to." Then i say, "Yeah her parents are practically deaf. Then i realized i am talking to my friends mom! So i get embarrased. So i run out of the car and end up at home some how. When i get there i realize the hobo is still there except he is in the form of play-doh!! and i have to keep on playing with him and so i tell my sister the story of when the hobo chased me. So then i tell her that the hobo is actually in the play-doh. So i don't know how but my mom found out. And then i asked her if i should put it under a hairdryer so that it can dry out and she says no that the hobos spirit will remain with us! And that REALLY gets me freaked out so i take the play-doh an throw it out the window. and it just lands on the back of my roof so i take it and before i can throw it it is back in my house! So i throw the play-doh as HARD AS I CAN and it goes away. But the spirit follows me. So i start to apoligize and cry out to it. Saying i am sorry. And then i start seeing the spirit except it is not a hobo. It is a handsome youn man! So i don't know how but i end up sitting next to michael jackson and i feel terrified no not nervous i mean i am actually scared of him. So we talk and then i end up in my moms car. And i pick up my sister but this time there is no hobo there.


-:) unicorn! he he he he he (I've been making these smileys since secnond grade. All rights reserved)

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