Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello people reading this post!

I am so happy right now!! I mean EXTREMLY HAPPY!! First of all tommorow i am going to see my bff!! I am really glad about that! The second thing we are going to see a play which to me is VERY exciting considering i don't go to see them often! So that is great! Me and her are totally going to sit on the bus together! I can't wait i've never been sooooooo excited! I am soooo happy!! OMG!!!!!! The only bad thing is that my other bff is not coming cause she is going to a concert! Well at least i KNOW she will have fun! So best wishes! Anyways i can't wait though a bad thing is these girls from school are coming and they are not exactly friends with me infact i want to form an alliance against them but i hope i'll have fun! :D (an alliance i am such a dork. :[ lol)


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