Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hi guys,

Two days ago was pure FUN!! I went to lake (well actually to be truthful idk the name so lets call it lake C) yeah so i went to lakeC and i had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! Well not really in the lake though it started to rain. But what we did first is we went to lake C and we ate lunch but then it was about to rain so we went to my bf's house and then it cleared up so we went back to the lake. But then it rained again (i mean what can u expect) so we wen to ther house again. But then we drove back to where my bf has another house well actually my bf's real house and we crashed there! It was extremly fun! I really did love it! And while i was there i was STUFFED! I got sooooooooo sick then next day! I ate So Much!! But it was sooooo good! AT least i had some fun this week! Now if only i could get my mom to let me go the the game with my other friend around sometime next week! We had a fight but i am hoping to scratch out the bumps. But until then! Live Laugh Love Peace Rock n Roll Live Forever Love First Hate Second and all that good stuff!

~ Hayley

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