Sunday, September 6, 2009

Purple Or Blue? Hard To Chose.

Ha Ha i am typing with wet nails ;) and most likely gonna have to do them again. But o well. Yeah i decided to post about yesterday. I had lots of fun doing everyday stuff but i was too busy to type everything i did so i decided to do that today. Anyways moving on. Yesterday i went to do the laundry with my mom. Yeah i know not exactly the most fun thing to do but i had fun. There was a vending machine there so i got my self a strawberry/kiwi Snapple and ate what i counted around 62 mini m&ms :). And there was a t.v there (ahh all the comforts of home) so i watched some shows i haven't seen in years like that so raven (haven't seen that in forever) and power rangers (which quite frankly i could do without seeing) but even thought it was something i do often it just seemed to be more fun. (I'm guessing it might have to do with the fact i had a snapple bottle in my hand). Yep i LOVE my snapple bottles. Even more than gatorade. Ha Ha.
After that we went to staples to get the reamaining of my school supplies and i think i did good. Remember the notebooks i told you i needed to get? Well turns out i only needed six and i got them. 120 pages each!! I just could not believe one subject notebooks came with that many pages. I also got a bookbag. I actually really like it! :) it is black and has gray stripes. And when you open it its orange :). I really like it. I think its the type that says (put buttons on me)
awesome buttons :)

like it? ;)

O and btw i decided to paint my nails blue :)

yours truly,


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