Saturday, September 19, 2009



just when you think you know someone

they change

just when you get each other

they move away

just as you finally smile

they cry

just as you open up

they close

what is trust?

some force i used to know 

something that used to mean something to me

that was important

but now everything has changed

i feel lost

alone all by myself the world is crashing before me

feelings are mixed up

they made up such a big part of me

something that cant be replaced

i opened up to them

let them in my world

and then as my world is finally stable 

they deceive me 

and they take that part away from me

and now i don't know them

now things have changed

my world closes up into nothing 


i never should have even thought for a second

that we could ever be friends 

because with joy comes sorrow

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