Sunday, September 27, 2009

On a Sunday like Today

Hi guys!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while but i've been busy. Did i forget to mention that now i am getting physical therapy just be cause i stand with my feet open. Yeah it stinks but o well its like the spa so i think i'm good ;). The only bad thing is that it hurts my feet within the next three days which really stinks. Man i must sound like a complete and utter loser but somehow thats just fine with me;). Anyways yesterday was really fun i helped out at a carwash. Totally cool. We had a fundraiser for school so it was fun to help out even if i don't go to that school. At first i ran around with my bff and we took donations from cars. Like those people on the highway. Ha Ha we must have looked like maniacs cause we would run down the street to get the cars there. But considering most cars drove away and took the red light we actually got alot of donations. Then i had fun with the hose i got to spray cars (which of course was awesome). I remember spraying this one car with this little girl and she was laguing and smiling and it reminded me of the days when i used to walk on the beaches and play in the sand. Before this recession we are in. Before i knew what it meant to be truly sad. Before all this confusion came. From this one little girl. Its funny what different people think of when they see someone. You could show the same picture to a million people and they could all think differently. Sometimes life can be so complex. But anyways after the fundraiser i went over my bf's house and we had fun up until the point that she wasn't feeling well so i had to go home but i had fun got really wet, and got some volunteer hours in (good for college). What could be a more perfect day. Well maybe if i didn't feel so bad today :).

~hayley :)

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  1. HEYY!!! BBFFFFF!!!! You are so amazing and your totally awesome!


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