Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Raining

Yes it is raining outside :( just on the day that i was thinking of going to the park! Ugh so annoying anyways moving on. I actually do like the rain :). But todya my sister said that she was going to pic up my sister so i had to wait near school but after ten minutes it was WAY too long. So i took a little walk around town :) ha ha but i was back in time. Well early so i stood near the sewer and i heard the noise of the water going in and it sounded amazing! Its actually surprsing what is amazing to me. But i stood there on the side walk with an umbrella in my hand, a tornado of thoughts in my head, and my schedule to all my classes. But it stopped raining now. I wish i could just go to the park but its obviously soaked in water. O well i guess ill go onto i just googled it. So i guess that i will ttygl! byez! :)


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