Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beyonce should have won?

As we all know by now (or at least should have) Kanye West said this to poor Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Now first of all who is kanye west to judge taylor swift when he cant even write a good song! >:O makes me mad. But o well the rest of the show was pretty good other than the performances (way too out there) especially lady gaga "bleeding" at the end of her performance. Reminded me of the horror movie i never saw. :) but i guess it was okay. But enough about things that everyone already knows. Moving on this week not much has been going on since the start of school. The only thing is that im feeling like im losing my bff ashely :(. So she made me write a poem. No it doesnt rhyme. Makes some sense and also has a quote that goes with it. (ill add this to my wall later) and mybe later on ill write a song about it but until then here it is:

What is life?

A question to be answered.

A journey to be taken.

A heart to be broken.

A life to be ended.

A world to be turned.

Friends to be changed.

People to be hurt.

What is death?


Yeah sounds kinda gothish but wrote by yours truly tell me what you think! :) But until them i have homework to go do.


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