Friday, September 4, 2009


Wow this year im actually starting later than usual. Most people would think thats a good thing. And I understand why :). But i am really eager to go back cause i miss my friends :'(. Most of them are always busy and when i talk to them we talk for like ten minutes then its sorry gtg ttyl. And of course they dont talk to me until around a week later (or not) but i dont blame them i mean if i had to go somewhere and didnt have time i would do the same thing. Man school starts THIS wednesday and as usual my mom still hasn't bought all my school supplies yet (so typical of her). But i'm not complaining :). In my last post i mentioned having fun with my friend ashely. Ha Ha i laugh reading at that we had so much fun!! And i set a new record of going over someones house four days in a row! thats alot to me considering we dont live near each other. We had lots of fun at the mall and went to an arcade :) the classic. Ha Ha man i miss her :'(. Even though i just saw her yesterday. We have totally different schedules. The only class we have together? gym. o joy. But i guess its better than nothing (lets stay positive). But today i will be getting my backpack, and seven one subject notebooks. Lets hope that i get good ones cause it is SERIOUSLY way to late to expect good ones :).

sorry gtg ttyl (ha ha i sound just like my friends)


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